No Means No!

Help Prevent Child Abuse

When children experience trauma, we encourage them to seek out the helpers in their lives. The people who work at Susie’s Place are among the helpers in our community providing support for children who have been harmed. In addition to advocating for children who have been abused, guiding them and their families through judicial processes, and connecting them to essential social services, the people who work at Susie’s Place also strive to prevent child abuse by helping children learn ways to keep themselves safe.

Susie’s Place works in partnership with schools to help children and teens learn effective methods for preventing, recognizing and responding to threatening situations. While schools have been closed to visitors, and in effort to reach children learning at home, Susie’s Place has prepared educational videos that teach children practical safety rules.

To receive one of the short videos Susie’s Place has prepared for children in grades Pre-K–2, 3–5, and 6–8, register on our events calendar with a current email address and indicate which grade-level videos you would like emailed to you.

To learn more about Susie’s Place and its advocacy and educational services, visit Upcoming programs include training for adults on how to prevent and recognize child abuse, and a free Donut Drive-Thru on Friday, April 16 from 7–9 AM at 2700 E. Covenanter Drive. Enjoy a donut and learn more about being an effective community helper and empowering children!