Teen Café Zine. Issue #1, June 26, 2019

Zines for Teens!

Zines for Teens

Zines are for everyone! And that means everyone: adults, teens, and even kids! Included in that are zines written for teens, as well as zines written by teens.

Young people making zines isn’t by any means a new pastime, it's a passion many have enjoyed for years. When you were in elementary or middle school you probably knew some budding young comic artist, if you were not one yourself, who produced and sold mini comic books. Those were zines, even if you didn’t call them that at the time.

Local teens are also zinesters! Here are a few of the zines designed by local teens that we carry:

Teen Café zine. Issue #1, June 26, 2019

Teen Café

Compilation of art, stories, and collages made by teens in Bartholomew County. Assembled by teen librarian Dakota during the teen cafe on June 26, 2019.

Teen feels : A TP zine about self-esteem

Teen Feels

Created by teens at the Project School, this zine includes advice from teens to teens. With pages such as, “How to draw a bald eagle when you’re mad” to “Feral: A Cat Story”, this multifaceted zine is sure to please.

The antagonist. May 2011

The Antagonist

A riot of images and words makes up this zine created by the teens who hung out at Rhino’s. The Antagonist was a long running publication from the local youth center that had lots of different types of content over the years.

My life as a teen com

My Life As a Teen Com

Perzine of author Kiah finding magic in rom coms, and how that defined their life as a teen. This colorful zine includes playlists, collages, thoughts on straight vs gay relationships, and a list of the top 20 best teen romantic comedies.

Legends of the woods : two short stories

Legends of the woods : two short stories<br />

Written by local teen, JF Tryon, this story encompasses a child being told to get lost, the adventure that awaits, and the expectations one can place within other humans.


If you’re interested in more zine resources for or by kids, go to:
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Our zine collection covers a wide and diverse range of voices and topics from cooking and crafts, to psychology and politics. You can find it in The Commons on the second floor of the Downtown Library. Interested in having your zine added to the collection? Submit a copy for consideration at any information desk or email Annise Blanchard at ablancha [at] mcpl.info (ablancha@mcpl.info).

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