Wireless Mobile Hotspots


Take the Internet with You Anywhere!

A wireless mobile hotspot means free wi-fi access to the internet on your computer or mobile device. Just check out a Mobile Hotspot at the Library, take it anywhere that receives a cellular signal, and connect following the instructions below. Hello, internet!

Check the Library Catalog for current Mobile Hotspot availability

  • Borrow at the Main Library, Ellettsville Branch, or Bookmobile
  • Connect Multiple Devices at Once
  • 7-Day Loan Period

Mobile Hotspots from the Library Are Easy to Use

Turn on the Mobile Hotspot

  1. Press and hold the button on the Mobile Hotspot. Release the button when “Welcome” appears on the display.
  2. Wait for “Press [Power Symbol for menu” to appear on the display.

Connect Your Phone or Mobile Device

  1. Press the button on the Mobile Hotspot once. “Wifi Name” appears on the display.
  2. Open the wireless settings on your phone or device. Choose the wifi network that matches the Wifi Name on the Mobile Hotspot.
  3. Your device should prompt you for a wifi password. Press the button on the Mobile Hotspot once to display the password. Enter the password into your device. See your device’s manual for specific instructions on connecting to wifi.
  4. Your device should be now be connected to the Internet. Use your device as you normally would. The Mobile Hotspot will remain on until you turn it off.

Turn off the Mobile Hotspot

Avoid depleting the battery by turning the Mobile Hotspot off when you’re finished—just press and hold the button until “Goodbye” appears on the display.


  • If the initial Welcome message fails to appear, the Mobile Hotspot may need charging. Attach the charger’s cable to the Mobile Hotspot and plug in to a wall socket to charge.
  • If the display goes dark at any point in the connection process, simply press the button once to wake up the Mobile Hotspot’s display. Once you’re connected, your wifi signal will continue, even if the display goes to sleep.
  • If you lose your place at any time, simply press the button on the Mobile Hotspot repeatedly to cycle through your options as needed.
  • Need More Help? Please call the Library at (812) 349-3050.