Mobile Video Production Kits

Want to capture high-quality material for your creative project? Mobile Video Production Kits give you access to recording equipment to use with your smartphone anytime and anywhere. Kits include an adjustable tripod for stability, a microphone for quality audio, and an adjustable light.

The mount helps ensure good focus and stability, the light makes things clear, and the microphone provides quality audio. The kit is available to anyone looking to capture high quality video and audio for either videocasting, vlogging, streaming, or other creative projects.

The kits can be checked out for two weeks and must be returned to a staff person at a desk (NOT in a return slot). Check current availability.



  • 10-inch flexible tripod
  • Wireless camera remote
  • Microphone with aux cord
  • Smartphone holder
  • Box LED light


What You'll Need to Use the Kit

  • Cell phone with camera
    • Compatible with iOS 6.0 or newer and Android 4.2.2 or newer
  • Double AA batteries for operating the box LED light

Video Editing Software

Need to edit your video afterwards? Check these free online options, or come to Level Up, the Library's Digital Creativity Center, and edit on an even broader and more powerful spectrum of video editing software.