Public Computers

To meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of the community, the Library provides free access to the Internet and various productivity software to residents and visitors. Service is available during all Library hours.

Computing Services

  • Public desktop computers with internet access
  • Wi-Fi signal
  • Wireless printing to library printers
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • DVD / CD drives
  • Headphones
  • CD burning capability
  • Printers (black-and-white and color)
  • USB ports
  • CD-R discs can be purchased at the library
  • Free printing for library card users (limit 30 cents' worth per day)

Using a Public Computer

  • Enter a library card number. If you do not have a library card, you may log in with any combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation. You'll also need this login if you're doing any printing
  • All users are guaranteed their first hour of use uninterrupted. The system will extend time in half-hour increments after the first hour is up. When computers are full, the system determines which computer(s) are eligible to be reserved based on whose time is "up" first. Once the remaining time on the timer has been used, the computer must be relinquished to the patron who has the reservation.
  • Printing: The library offers 30 cents free printing per day for library card users (three pages black and white or one color page). Additional black and white pages are available at 10 cents per copy and color pages at 30 cents per copy, payable at the printing stations.
  • Breaks: Leave for 15 minutes during a session by locking the computer. After 15 minutes, patrons may lose their computer, especially if the room is busy.
  • Please refer to the EnvisionWare FAQ for more information.

Wireless Configuration & Setup

Enjoy free high-speed wifi access at the Library.

Visit the library's Wireless Internet Service page for complete details about configuring your wireless settings at the library.

Children's Services

The Advanced Workstations in Education (AWE) Early Literacy Station is the first in a series of educational solutions for children ages 2 through 10. It includes more than forty-five educational software packages spanning seven curricular areas, top rated by Children's Technology Review.

The Early Literacy Station is not just another computer with software. Kids are captivated by the interface and start to explore immediately. Safe, fun, educationally effective, warranted, hassle-free, and fresh every year.

Educational titles in each curriculum area are chosen for age appropriateness, educational value, replay interest, ease of use, entertainment value, graphics and sound, discovery and growth, and much more. The interface is imaginative and intuitive and encourages exploration by drawing kids into a learning adventure.

Found Items

Any items, including computer disks left at the public computers by patrons will be taken to "lost and found" at the 2nd Floor Circulation Desk.

See our complete Internet and Computer Use Policy.