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Pokaemon adventures XY. Volume six

"X was a Pokaemon Trainer child prodigy. He hated being in the spotlight, so he took to hiding in his room and avoiding everyone--including his best friend Y. But now a surprise attack has brought X out of hiding! The arrival of Mega Evolution Pokaemon, each with more than one Mega Evolution, causes a massive battle to break out at the Pokaemon Village! As the X•Y arc comes to a clashing finale, the fate of the Kalos region hangs on the outcome. Can X and Y defeat Lysandre and save Kalos?

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Vol. 1

"Sapphire and Emerald need Ruby's help to stop a crisis of planetary proportions-a meteor hurtling toward their home! While training with Sapphire and their friend Steven in Sea Mauville, Emerald is attacked by a mystery Pokaemon! Meanwhile, Ruby journeysto the Sky Pillar to earn the trust of Zinnia, the Lorekeeper of the reclusive Draconid tribe. Can three Hoenn Pokaedex holders stop a crisis of epic magnitude?"--

Pokaemon sword & shield. 8

After a confrontation with two mystery Trainers, hackers Casey Shield and Henry Sword repair gear for Pokaemon and get some help from the Gym Leader of Spikemuth as they head to the Rose Tower to discover the truth about their adversaries.

Coral's Reef. 1

"Meet Coral, a sweet-natured girl who lives with her parents, kid sister Maki, and pet sea otter in the seaside town of Reef Beach. She's no different than any other teenager--except like all inhabitants of New Lemuria, she's not quite human. Coral is a sea sprite, and when not at school, or helping out in her mom's dress shop, or hanging out with friends, she's out catching waves on her beloved surfboard. But Coral's life is about to turn upside down once dreamy fire ifrit, Nick Inferno, comes