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The sweeper & the graveyard shift

"The Sweeper gang has relocated to Bolt City, and added a new member: Rocky the dog. Their first job is to clean the run-down cemetery outside of town. What will they find after the gates close and the sun goes down?" --

Petroleum spirit daze

"Short story about a haunted stretch of road out in the country." --

The rise and fall of the Harbor Area. 12, January 2009

Skate punk zine from San Pedro, CA in the LA Harbor. Features a history of the construction of the Channel Street skatepark and photographs and interviews with punk musicians.

PERF. Issue 4, food in Black film by
Date added:
Jan 17, 2024
PERF. Issue 4, food in Black film

Recipes and articles on food in Black films.

PERF. Issue 3, Black Barbie & promotional materials

"PERF is created by the IU Black Film Center & Archive, the only archive in the wrold solely dedicated to preserving film materials made by and about Black people. We were founded in 1981 by a professor named Phyllis Klotman, and we are located on the ground floor of Wells Library. Follow our socials and stop by our office to say hello!" --

PERF - a Black Film Center & Archive zine Issue 2, Media preservation & home movies

Information about media preservation and Black filmmakers, presented by the Black Film Center & Archive.

Perennial magick & poetry. v. 1 by
Date added:
Jan 17, 2024
Perennial magick & poetry. v. 1

Poetry, art, and social commentary focusing on witchcraft, wicca, spirituality, organic living, with love and respect toward the earth.

Plump up for hibernation! a vegan bear's baking guide. 4

Kara Comegys is a self-taught baker. This is the fourth collection of vegan recipes in her Plump up for hibernation! series.

Piper's mystical guidance. #3, Romance

"After many years Piper is back!! And this time, she's dealing with romance. Issue 3 is full of feelings, queer panic, and supportive friends. Also bad plans. Winner of a 2021 MICE Massachusetts Comic Mini Grant!"--

PERF - a Black film and pop culture zine! Issue 1, Reframing the narrative

"Issue 1 is meant to reframe the narrative of Black film within the Indiana University community and to encourage everyone to get involved with the diverse film community on campus." --

Tinderbox - an offline journal of combative anarchy. Issue 2, Fall 2023

"Tinderbox is a season print-only anarchist paper that aspires to engage with combative anarchy across the multitude of contexts found throughout the territory currently goverened by the United States. This publication focuses on reflection, analysis and longer-form writing -- the ideas that inform where we are headed, how we get there and why. We publish book reviews, historical retrospectives, interviews, debates, analysis, proposals, and critiques that expand our struggle against all forms of

Here it is. 2 by Tobey, Erin.
Date added:
Jan 16, 2024
Here it is. 2

The witch's child. by
Date added:
Jan 11, 2024
The witch's child.

"The Witch’s Child urges us to celebrate the return of Spring. It is about the importance of May Day and what we have to gain by rooting ourselves in the rhythm of the seasons. After a long Winter of darkness and stillness, we’ve been feeling the resurgence of growth and we rise up too, to remember the importance of re-emerging after the cold, inward months. We value the way that these ever-warmer days renew our sense of curiosity, and bring us to an almost anxious feeling of not being able to k

Occupy! - your guide to the International Occupation Movement of 2011.

"A combination of history, information and group process."--

Navigating the space between brilliance and madness - a reader and roadmap of bipolar worlds

"This book emerged out of our website, the Icarus Project, which has been helping a brilliant and disparate group of folks find ways to talk about manic depression that make sense to us, the people living with it, and helps us to live better lives rather than backing us into corners. This book began as a way of bringing these conversations onto the written page and into the hands of people who might not spend time on the internet. It has evolved to be a set of alternative roadmaps for people lik

Godard bot tweets - as translated into English with Google translate

A small sampling of tweets from a Twitter account that quotes from Japanese translations of "Godard : Film History 1 and 2" and "Godard's Complete Reviews and Remarks: 1950-1967." These tweets have been auto-translated to English.

Educational tourist

On a trip to Cuba with her Chicago art school, Dara Greenwald keeps a tour diary of what she sees, enjoys, and questions on the trip. She writes about political refugee Assata Shakur, artist Choco, and Afro-Cuban racism as well as questioning sexism in the country. The zine includes pieces on the history of Cuba, but is mostly about the 21st century, hypocritical tourist business and the commodification of revolution.

City of contradiction

"These poems take great pleasure in the tension between the ripeness of the present moment and the grandeur of a past that refuses to completely disappear. Tasting both melancholy and intense joy, these are odes to the impossible but seemingly intrinsic human quest for eternity ..."--Sun Yung Shin, author of Unbearable Splendor (Back Cover)

Burning the bridges they are building - anarchist strategies against the police, Puget Sound, Winter 2011.

"The zine opens at a “low” period in the Seattle anarchist scene, and traces it’s rise over several months (winter 2010-2011) as they gain confidence in their ability to act together through a series of assemblies and combative demonstrations against the police. The role of anarchists during these demonstrations against a series of murders by the police is contextualized in the broader political context of Seattle. Contains an afterward of solidarity clandestine attacks after the ebb of the move