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A brief moment of clarity. Volume 3, issue 31-43 by Remender, Rick, author.

A brief moment of clarity. Volume 3, issue 31-43

The Eververse is collapsing under its own weight. Grant McKay created the Pillar to save the world with science, and now he must use it to save all worlds, all of creation, or doom reality itself to oblivion.

Jul 6, 2020
A radical shift of gravity by Tapalansky, Nick, 1983- author.

A radical shift of gravity

The world is changing. Gravity, a force everyone takes for granted, has begun to disappear. As a young journalist, Noah spends his days documenting the wondrous and terrifying shifts in the world around him. But Noah's life is changing, too. Falling in love and raising a rebellious daughter adds new meaning to life in this mysterious floating world. As he covers the invention of new sports, interviews experts, and even journeys into space, each experience shapes how Noah views the world and, in

Jun 19, 2020
Absolute Carnage. Issue 1-3. Lethal protectors by Tieri, Frank, author.

Absolute Carnage. Issue 1-3. Lethal protectors

Also collects Absolute Carnage: Avengers (2019) #1. The cult of Carnage comes to New York City! When he was last seen, John Jameson was being recovered from the site of a massacre in Doverton, Colorado, by Misty Knight. Since then, they've both been MIA. So how, then, did they become the only two people poised to prevent chaos as a deadly foe of Spider-Man's is resurrected in the basement of the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane? Can the team of Iron Fist, Morbius and Cloak & Dagger

Jul 6, 2020
Absolute Carnage. Issue 1-3. Miles Morales by Ahmed, Saladin, author.

Absolute Carnage. Issue 1-3. Miles Morales

Also collects Absolute Carnage: Weapon Plus (2019) #1. Is Miles Morales a marked man? It's business as usual as Miles squares off against Mac Gargan, A.K.A. the Scorpion! But when Carnage's bloodthirsty acolytes swarm New York, Miles learns the hard way that Scorpion has a history with Venom and the other symbiotes of the Marvel Universe! And Miles himself may have a future with them, if Carnage and his dark doppelgangers get their way! If Miles can't fight this, he'd better hope someone shows u

Jun 19, 2020
Absolute Carnage. Issue 1-3. Scream by Bunn, Cullen, author.

Absolute Carnage. Issue 1-3. Scream

Also collects Absolute Carnage: Separation Anxiety (2019) #1. The return of a classic symbiote - and it'll be a Scream! Years ago, Patricia Robertson was unwillingly bonded to the clone of Venom that eventually became Mania - and she's been living in fear of symbiotes ever since. But she's also been living with a secret - and with the coming of Carnage, she must take a stand. Patricia will have no choice but to confront her demons head-on - by harnessing the power of Scream! She may think she kn

Jul 6, 2020
Absolute Carnage. The immortal Hulk and other tales by Ewing, Al, author.

Absolute Carnage. The immortal Hulk and other tales

Collects Absolute Carnage: Immortal Hulk (2019) #1, Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Spider-Man (2019) #1, Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance (2019) #1. The effects of Absolute Carnage are felt across the Marvel Universe! The late Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross was once the Red Hulk - and briefly bonded to the Venom symbiote! Now, Ross' corpse has been unearthed, though why and by whom remain unclear. But with Ross' gamma-infused body possibly in nefarious hands, Bruce Banner intends to find out! Du

Jul 6, 2020
Adler. Issue 2 by Tidhar, Lavie.

Adler. Issue 2

After uniting some of the most famous heroines of the Victorian age including Jane Eyre, Miss Havisham and Marie Curie, Irene Adler must finally come face-to-face with Sherlock Holmes' greatest nemesis, Moriarty! World Fantasy Award-winning writer Lavie Tidhar and TMNT artist Paul McCaffrey present an alternate history of the greatest literary characters of the 19th Century in the vein of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Jun 19, 2020
Alice in Wonderland - the story of the movie in comics by Corteggiani, François, author.

Alice in Wonderland - the story of the movie in comics

In this retelling of the fantasy-adventure animated film, you'll follow the white rabbit to a topsy-turvy realm with Alice! While dreaming of a world of her own, young Alice is interrupted by a white rabbit who is very late--too late to say hello or where he is headed. She chases after him and falls down a mysterious rabbit hole that leads to a literal wonderland. As Alice journeys further into this strange and chaotic world, things become curiouser and curiouser, as do the characters she meets.

Jun 19, 2020
Alienated. Issue 1 by Spurrier, Simon.

Alienated. Issue 1

Acclaimed writer Simon Spurrier (John Constantine Hellblazer, Coda) and artist Chris Wildgoose (Batgirl, Batman: Nightwalker) present a subversive coming-of-age story about having all the power to change the world but the unready hands to truly wield it. Three teenagers, each an outcast in their own way, stumble upon an unearthly entity as it's born. As they bond over this shared secret and the creature's incredible abilities, it becomes clear to the teenagers that their cute little pet is a sup

Jun 19, 2020
Alienated. Issue 2 by Spurrier, Simon.

Alienated. Issue 2

After outcast teens, Samuel, Samantha, and Samir, find an adorable but dangerous alien creature in the woods and name him Chip, they bond over their shared secret. But as the pressures of hiding an actual alien mount, they each begin to fantasize about how to use Chip's strange powers to improve the world-starting with their current lives.

Jul 6, 2020
American barbarian- the complete series by Scioli, Tom.

American barbarian- the complete series

American Barbarian is a pop art odyssey from the artist and co-author of Transformers vs. G.I. Joe. A red-white-and-blue-haired hero must defend a post-post-apocalyptic world from the immortal Two-Tank Omen.

Jun 19, 2020
American Jesus. Volume 1, issue 1-3, Chosen by Millar, Mark.

American Jesus. Volume 1, issue 1-3, Chosen

"Chosen." After surviving a freak accident, a twelve-year-old boy discovers he's the returned Jesus Christ. He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk...he can even raise the dead. How will he deal with his destiny and lead the world through a conflict that's been thousands of years in the making?

Jun 19, 2020
American Jesus. Volume 2, issue 1-3, The new Messiah by Millar, Mark, author.

American Jesus. Volume 2, issue 1-3, The new Messiah

American Jesus returns with "The New Messiah." A virgin pregnancy in '70s New York leads a young couple to flee for their lives as evil forces close in to destroy them. Yet more bloodshed lies ahead for their daughter, Catalina, who refuses to accept her destiny as the savior of mankind.

Jul 6, 2020
Analog. Volume 2, issue 6-10 by Duggan, Gerry, author.

Analog. Volume 2, issue 6-10

The internet has collapsed, and now it's up to steadfast armed couriers called Ledger Men to move sensitive information around the world in locked briefcases. In the wake of the chaos and conspiracy of Analog, Vol. 1, one such Ledger Man, hard-drinking human punching bag Jack McGinnis, must unravel the mystery of his nemesis' return to power and survive a burn notice from his old pals in the intelligence community.

Jul 6, 2020
Angel & spike #10 by Whedon, Joss.

Angel & spike #10

Spike and his, uh, Team Spike of Fred, Gunn & their new ally Lorne race against the clock to find a supernatural artifact before Wolfram & Hart. But if they're going to save the day, Team Spike is going to have find a way not to kill each other first. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO ANGEL?

Jun 19, 2020
Angel & spike. Issue 9 by Whedon, Joss.

Angel & spike. Issue 9

After the shocking conclusion to Hellmouth, only one vampire can protect Los Angeles...and it's Spike? But as Team Spike must face a new threat in the evil forces of Wolfram & Hart, everyone's asking one question: What Happened To Angel? The next big Whedonverse epic starts here!

Jun 19, 2020
Angel. Issue 10-17, Legacy edition by

Angel. Issue 10-17, Legacy edition

From Joss Whedon (creator of buffy the vampire slayer) comes the official tie-in to the critically acclaimed angel television series! Set during the first two seasons of the Angel television series, discover the rare and out-of-print stories that reveal the untold history of Angel Investigations-including a never before reprinted story by visionary creator Joss Whedon! Also collects Buffy the Vampire Slayer #29-30, Angel: Long Night's Journey #1-4, along with stories from Dark Horse Extra.

Jul 6, 2020
ApocalyptiGirl - an aria for the end times by MacLean, Andrew (Andrew Ross), author, artist.

ApocalyptiGirl - an aria for the end times

A post-apocalyptic science fiction tale of a woman, and her cat, in search of a powerful machine. A Second Edition of the hit graphic novel by the creator of Head Lopper. This second edition includes more story, a new cover and process material never seen before. Alone at the end of the world, Aria is a woman with a mission! As she traipses through an overgrown city with a cat named Jelly Beans, Aria is on a fruitless search for an ancient relic with immeasurable power. But when a creepy savage

Jun 19, 2020
Archer & Armstrong. Issue 0-13 by Van Lente, Fred.

Archer & Armstrong. Issue 0-13

At last - an oversized deluxe hardcover collecting the complete first year of Archer & Armstrong by New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Zombies)! Join one of the most acclaimed adventures in comics as naive teenage assassin Obadiah Archer and the fun-loving, hard-drinking immortal called Armstrong unite to stop a plot ten thousand years in the making! From the lost temples of ancient Sumeria to modern day Wall Street, Area 51, and beyond, Valiant's consp

Jun 19, 2020
Archie comics 80th anniversary presents archie. Issue 1 by Superstars, Archie.

Archie comics 80th anniversary presents archie. Issue 1

Archie Comics is proud to present a special line of digital-exclusive comics celebrating the deep assortment of fan-favorite characters and iconic concepts from Archie's 80 years of comics. From the most famous faces that grace the screens on Riverdale each week to deep cut characters from Archie's illustrious history, as well as celebrations of our most influential creators, this series has something for each and every Archie fan! Our inaugural issue stars the one and only Archie Andrews himsel

Jul 6, 2020