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A traitor stalks within us by Thomas, Roy, 1940- author.

A traitor stalks within us

Collects Avengers (1963) #98-114, Daredevil (1964) #99. Barry Windsor-Smith joins Roy Thomas for a three-part super-saga that assembles every Avenger from issue #1 to #100 against the combined threat of Ares and the Enchantress! Then, Steve Englehart takes the reins and begins his iconic tenure writing Earth's Mightiest Heroes with an excursion to the Savage Land, the return of the Black Panther, and the traitorous master plan of the Grim Reaper and the Space Phantom! Hawkeye quits the team just

Sep 8, 2021
Acts of vengeance! - Spider-man & X-Men by

Acts of vengeance! - Spider-man & X-Men

Collects Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #326-329; Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #158-160; Web of Spider-Man (1985) #59-61, 64-65; Wolverine (1988) #19-20; Alpha Flight (1983) #79-80; New Mutants (1983) #86; Uncanny X-Men (1981) #256-258; material from X-Factor (1986) #50. Loki's villainous machinations pit Spider-Man and the X-Men against unfamiliar foes! Spidey has his hands full with powerful sparring partners like Graviton, Magneto and the terrifying Tri-Sentinel - but when a cosmic upgrade boosts

Sep 8, 2021
Always never by Lafebre, Jordi.

Always never

Not all love stories are made equally. Some take decades to blossom, seeming almost to go in reverse. Such is the case for Zeno, a 60-year-old PhD student and nomad bookshop owner, and Ana, a freshly retired mayor, mother, and wife. After years of popping in and out of each other's lives, crossing paths but never quite able to grab hold, their impossible but unshakable love may just have one last chance to flourish, before the final curtain...

Sep 8, 2021
Archie & friends- summer vacation. Issue 1 by Superstars, Archie.

Archie & friends- summer vacation. Issue 1

Get ready for a beach party bonanza with Archie and all his pals 'n' gals in Riverdale! It's time for pool parties, barbecue blowouts, and maybe even a little summer romance... hopefully no one gets too sun burned!

Sep 8, 2021
Archie jumbo comics digest. Issue 321 by

Archie jumbo comics digest. Issue 321

Brand New Story: "Ruff Summer!" Archie's got a new job as a lifeguard at the beach... but it's Archie's dog Vegas who's having his moment in the sun when he helps save a swimmer! Vegas soon becomes the star of the beach-but will it last?

Sep 8, 2021
Archie jumbo comics digest. Issue 322 by

Archie jumbo comics digest. Issue 322

Brrand New Story: "No Teen is an Island!" Archie, Betty and Veronica's lazy day in the sun turns out to be anything but! When the three doze off on an oversized air mattress, they accidentally end up at sea! Without their phones to save them, what will they do?

Sep 8, 2021
Archie showcase digest- a jughead in the family. Issue 4 by Superstars, Archie.

Archie showcase digest- a jughead in the family. Issue 4

We're continuing Archie Comics' landmark 80th Anniversary celebration with another special showcase digest! This time, we revisit the hilarious never-before-reprinted "A Jughead in the Family" storyline: Jughead gets into a fight with his dad and moves out-but who's willing to take him in? Join in on the hilarity as Jughead moves from place to place, living with the families of Archie, Ethel, Moose, Trula Twyst, and even Reggie!

Sep 8, 2021
Archie's girls Betty & Veronica. Issue 218 by Superstars, Archie.

Archie's girls Betty & Veronica. Issue 218

Betty & Veronica star in their first comic book series! Take a trip back to the earliest days of Archie Comics as Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge show the town of Riverdale who's really in charge! Prepare to experience the original Betty and Veronica with stories like "The First 100 Years", "Ski Holidaze" and more!

Sep 8, 2021
Arkham dreams by Kieth, Sam, author, illustrator.

Arkham dreams

The Dark Knight faces the strangest and most bizarre adventure of his career, as he meets comics' strangest and most bizarre hero, The Maxx! A devious new doctor at Arkham Asylum is conducting unconventional experiments into the human psyche, and he kicks off a chain reaction of disaster when he experiments on Arkham's newest patient, The Maxx! The city of Gotham is starting to merge with The Maxx's psychedelic mental landscape, known as the Outback, blurring the line between real and unreal. It

Sep 8, 2021
Avatar the last airbender. Suki, alone by Hicks, Faith Erin, author.

Avatar the last airbender. Suki, alone

Even a Kyoshi Warrior can find herself in trouble. Suki is captured by the Fire Nation and brought to the Boiling Rock, a grim prison in the middle of a dormant volcano. Separated from Team Avatar and her Kyoshi Warrior sisters, she decides to build her own community among other prisoners. But it's going to take more than an encouraging word to build trust among so many frightened people. Suki will need to draw on all her resources to do it, and even that might not be enough. Enjoy all-new mat

Sep 8, 2021
Avengers Academy - the complete collection. Issue 13-20 & 14.1 by Gage, Christos, author.

Avengers Academy - the complete collection. Issue 13-20 & 14.1

Also collects material from Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #661-662, Fear Itself: The Home Front #1-7 And Avengers: Solo #1-5. The Avengers Academy faces fear itself! No, not prom night - though they'll have to survive that, too, when the Sinister Six crashes the party! We mean FEAR ITSELF, as the Serpent's army assaults the Marvel Universe, and the squad must battle possessed, hammer-wielding versions of Titania and the Absorbing Man! Meanwhile, as Speedball returns to the scene of his greatest fail

Sep 8, 2021
Backtrack. Volume 1 by Joines, Brian, author.

Backtrack. Volume 1

This title is part of the hoopla BONUS BORROWS COLLECTION! Through the month of August, you can borrow this title without using any of your monthly hoopla Instant Borrows! If you had a chance to fix a mistake from your past, would you take it? Alyson Levy would. Guilt weighs heavy on former criminal "wheelman" Alyson, who led an illicit life that left her shattered. Enter Casper Quellex, an eccentric businessman who offers her the break of a lifetime: a massive cross-country car race that gran

Sep 8, 2021
Basilisk. Issue 1 by Bunn, Cullen.

Basilisk. Issue 1

Who Can Stop The Chimera? Five individuals bound by a cult-like hivemind, they terrorized small towns with their horrifying supernatural sense-based powers, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Regan, one of the Chimera, escaped and has been in hiding, with her murderous eyes bound, overcome with guilt. Until now... when a victim from her past forces her to hunt down the other four of her kind.

Sep 8, 2021
Basilisk. Issue 3 by Bunn, Cullen.

Basilisk. Issue 3

Is there no end to the Chimera's reign of terror? Regan, a former member of the Chimera, and her past victim Hannah continue the hunt for Regan's brethren, but the shared memories that haunt them both may put an end to their quest. Meanwhile, cornered the other Chimera may have met their match... the State Police.

Sep 8, 2021
Batman, White Knight presents - Harley Quinn. Issue 1-6 by Collins, Katana, author.

Batman, White Knight presents - Harley Quinn. Issue 1-6

Two years after the events of Batman: Curse of the White Knight, Azrael has wiped out criminals in Gotham, Jack Napier (formerly The Joker) is dead, Bruce Wayne (Batman) is in prison, and Harley Quinn is adjusting to life as a single mother, raising the twins she had with Jack. But as new villains arise, Harley is forced to dance with madness once again and confront her own past with The Joker and Batman while helping the Gotham City police and an eager young FBI agent uncover the truth behind a

Sep 8, 2021
Betty & veronica double digest. Issue 295 by Superstars, Archie.

Betty & veronica double digest. Issue 295

Brand New Story: "Water Songs" Riverdale is hosting their very own Mermaid Day and Betty & Veronica have landed roles as female pirates! Everyone is impressed with their impromptu sea shanty sing-a-longs, much to the ire of fellow performer Cheryl Blossom! But a siren-like voice comes from out of nowhere, and threatens to blow them all out of the water!

Sep 8, 2021
Betty & veronica- what if by Superstars, Archie.

Betty & veronica- what if

Betty & Veronica: What If is classic B&V at their finest - loaded with friendship and fun. Featuring the timeless, classic Archie style known across the world for its family-friendly stories and rich history. Betty and Veronica stories are back with this collection of tales that see the two iconic BFFs tackle the fantastical, supernatural, dangerous and everything in-between!

Sep 8, 2021
Big hard sex criminals. Volume 3, issue 21-30 by Fraction, Matt, author.

Big hard sex criminals. Volume 3, issue 21-30

When Suzie and Jon have sex, time stops-literally. Suzie and Jon break up and come together one last time in this gorgeous hardcover climax of the award-winning, bestselling, ground-breaking sex comedy/love story, SEX CRIMINALS-complete with flashforward epilogue, bonus content created exclusively for this volume, and a modesty cover beneath the dust jacket to enable shame-free public consumption-in the biggest, hardest SEX CRIMINALS yet. Collects SEX CRIMINALS #21-30, 69 Select praise for SE

Sep 8, 2021
Birthright. Volume 10, issue 46-50, Epilogue by Williamson, Joshua, author.

Birthright. Volume 10, issue 46-50, Epilogue

When he was a child, Mikey Rhodes disappeared. Lost in the land of Terrenos, he grew into a warrior of legend and waged war against the God King Lore-a war that even ravaged Earth. Now, that war is over, and Mikey is victorious. But no victory is without sacrifice... Since 2014, JOSHUA WILLIAMSON and ANDREI BRESSAN's fantasy epic BIRTHRIGHT has enthralled readers, and now it is time for the Rhodes family to embark on one last thrilling adventure in this final volume.

Sep 8, 2021
Blade Runner - origins. Vol. 1, Products by Perkins, K., author.

Blade Runner - origins. Vol. 1, Products

Los Angeles, 2009 When the body of a Tyrell Corporation scientist working on an experimental new type of Replicant is discovered in her laboratory, an apparent suicide, LAPD detective Cal Moreaux is assigned to the case. Determined to find the truth behind the seemingly routine suicide, he encounters a deadly conspiracy within the Tyrell Corporation itself. Set ten years before the events of the critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2019 comic book series and the original Ridley Scott film, this i

Sep 8, 2021