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The lucky ones - a memoir

"A moving memoir by a survivor of anti-Muslim violence in contemporary India that delicately weaves political and family histories in a tribute to India's vibrant multiethnic society and the resilience of its women and minorities, especially in the face of growing religious extremism. In 2002, Zara Chowdhary was sixteen years old and living with her family in Ahmedabad, one of India's fastest-growing metropolises, when a gruesome anti-Muslim pogrom upended her world. Instead of taking her school

Job therapy - finding work that works for you

"A psychologist's guide to finding your most fulfilling job yet When we're unhappy in our jobs, we often attribute our frustration to a bad manager, boring tasks, and stressful workloads. But our dissatisfaction at work usually stems from a deeper psychological need that's not being met at work, like not getting the recognition you deserve. In Job Therapy, Dr. Tessa West helps you figure out the real reason you're unhappy and shows you how to find a new position in which you'll thrive, whether i

Illiberal America - a history

"A storm of illiberalism, building in the United States for years, unleashed its destructive force in the Capitol insurrection of January 6, 2021. The attack on American democracy and images of mob violence led many to recoil, thinking "That's not us." But now we must think again, for Steven Hahn shows in his startling new history that illiberalism has deep roots in our past. To those who believe that the ideals announced in the Declaration of Independence set us apart as a nation, Hahn shows th

I thought this would make me happy - how to fight less, forgive faster, and cultivate joy in your marriage

"Are you finding that marriage isn't quite what you expected it to be? Despite starting off happy and in love, do you sometimes find yourself disappointed because the joyful moments you anticipated are now few and far between?It's time to discover the joyful, satisfying marriage you and your spouse always hoped for.Teacher, author, and creator of "Living the Sweet Wife" Chelsea Damon has helped thousands of couples who felt they were at the end of their rope--plus, she's been there herself. In I

Go woke, go broke - the inside story of the radicalization of corporate America

"Intimidated by activists on the left, virtually every major corporation in America has embraced woke politics. For years, these businesses could get away with progressive virtual signaling without worrying about alienating customers. But things have changed. As high-profile backlashes at companies like Anheuser-Busch, Disney, and Target show us, customers are fighting back. Companies who cave to the demands of left-wing social justice activists are being punished like never before. In Go Woke,

Gender explained - a new understanding of identity in a gender creative world

"An essential primer on gender literacy from leading experts on the front line of the cultural and political debate"--

Diplomats at war - friendship and betrayal on the brink of the Vietnam Conflict

"Both personal memoir and political history, this book recounts the decisions that fully embroiled the United States in the Vietnam War. Trueheart chronicles the ways in which the breakdown between his godfather, Frederick Nolting, U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam, and his father, William Trueheart, second in command at the embassy, led to the breakdown of U.S.-South Vietnamese relations and a violent coup three weeks before President Kennedy was assassinated"--

Crochet stars - 25+ customizable projects full of love, laughter, and inspiration

"Adorn your life with crochet stars!These easy and fun to crochet stars can be used for so many things! Start by making the six star designs in various sizes. Then use your stars to create projects such as a picture frame for your favorite "star," a holiday ornament, or a magic wand. Decorate a journal cover or make earrings. Make multiple stars into a garland or mobile. The stars can be sewn or pinned onto clothing as mending patches or a fashion accessory. Once you've mastered the basic stars,