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One nation under guns / How Gun Culture Distorts Our History and Threatens Our Democracy

"This takedown of American gun culture argues that the nation's fathers did not intend the Second Amendment to guarantee an individual right to bear arms-and that this intentional distortion of the record is an urgent threat to democracy. Hundreds of lives are lost to firearms every day in America. The cost is more than the numbers-it is also the fear, the anxiety, the dread of public spaces that an armed society has created under the tortured rubric of freedom. But the norms of today are not th

Naomi Osaka - her journey to finding her power and her voice

"A deeply reported, revealing biography of tennis phenomenon and activist Naomi Osaka, telling the untold story behind her Grand Slam-winning career, her headline-making advocacy for racial justice and mental health, and the challenges of a life in the international spotlight"--

One in a millennial - on friendship, feelings, fangirls, and fitting in

"From pop culture podcaster and a voice of a generation, Kate Kennedy, a celebration of the millennial zeitgeist One In a Millennial is an exploration of pop culture, nostalgia, the millennial zeitgeist, and the life lessons learned (for better and for worse) from coming of age as a member of a much-maligned generation. Kate is a pop culture commentator and host of the popular millennial-focused podcast Be There in Five. Part-funny, part-serious, Kate navigates the complicated nature of celebrat

On thriving - harnessing joy through life's great labors

"A renowned doula and co-founder of Moms in Color shares powerful lessons on healing and thriving through the murky seasons of life in this moving, intimate guide to self-care, identity, mental health, and radical joy. Safe spaces, communion, knowing thatwe are loved-these are the things we long for. Brandi Sellerz-Jackson found them when she started exploring her encounters with loss and trauma as a way to confront her own grief, and she ended up creating a community for others to unleash their

The Life Brief by Wan, Bonnie
Date added:
Nov 30, 2023
The Life Brief

Infectious generosity / The Ultimate Idea Worth Spreading

"From the bestselling author, media pioneer, and curator of TED, an inspiring book about one of humankind's defining but overlooked impulses, and how we can super-charge its potential to build a hopeful future. Recent years have been tough on optimists. Hopes that the Internet might bring people together have been crushed by the divisiveness of social media. But as head of TED, Chris Anderson has had a ringside view of the world's boldest thinkers sharing their most uplifting ideas. Inspired by

I survived capitalism and all I got was this lousy t-shirt - everything I wish I never had to learn about money

"A big-hearted, no-bullshit memoir from TikTok superstar Madeline Pendleton about her journey from living paycheck to paycheck to creating a multi-million-dollar business that offers a compassionate alternative to capitalism. Imagine a job where you workfour days a week and earn as much as the CEO. You also get full benefits, a gym membership, free lunch, and unlimited time off, including mental health days, no questions asked. Hard-won profits don't just end up in the CEO's pocket-they're distr