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When Rubin plays

"Rubin loves the beautiful sounds that are played by the orchestra. He wants to learn to play the violin and make his own music. But when Rubin plays, it doesn't sound like he imagines it should. Rubin goes into the forest to practice alone and despite only getting the violin to screech, he finds an unlikely audience that loves his unique style"--

Tumble bumble by Bond, Felicia.
Date added:
Oct 18, 2023
Tumble bumble

As a tiny bug walks along, he is joined by a cat, a crocodile, a pig, and other animals, all of which end up in a boy's bed.

Super Peppa!

"Peppa loves her favorite superhero, Super Potato! But can she be super, just like him? Mummy Pig thinks so! Little ones will love this original Peppa Pig storybook with a SUPER glitter-y cover. It also includes a fact sheet in the back to help all kidsbe super, too"--

Sometimes I kaploom

"Katie Honors is a really brave kid. She can go to bed with just one small night light. She can hold her tears in when it's time to say goodbye to her mom at school. But sometimes Katie isn't ready to say goodbye and doesn't feel brave at all. When this happens, she Kaplooms! She refuses to let go of her mom, and everything is flurried as she begins to cry. Her emotions feel frightening. It's not the Katie Honors she wants to be. But her mother assures Katie that she can be both brave and sad, b


After learning how to draw Chinese characters, Lulu and her dog Dumpling step into a magical world where the characters come to life.

The real story

When Cat asks Mouse how the cookie jar broke and where the cookies went, Mouse tells Cat implausible story after implausible story.

Peppa's cruise vacation.

Peppa and her family go on a cruise ship adventure with lots of exciting stops along the way​.

Peppa Pig and the lost dinosaur.

"George loves to play with his favorite stuffed toy. Out in the yard, George tosses Mr. Dinosaur up and down, up and down, until Mummy Pig calls out that it's time to go shopping. There's so much to do and see at the market! But when they get home, Georgecan't find his toy. Peppa and the family search everywhere, and even ask Officer Squirrel and Officer Panda for help. They have lots of lost toy dinosaurs, but they don't have Mr. Dinosaur. Where could he be?"--

Peppa Pig and the day at the farm.

Peppa Pig and her friends visit the farm, where they meet all the animals, fill up baskets with strawberries, and ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor, which comes in handy when Mummy and Daddy Pig take a shortcut through a field to avoid traffic.

The light she feels inside

Sometimes Maya feels a warm glow inside, but sometimes she feels a different kind of glow, and a trip to the library helps Maya discovers how Black women throughout history used their feelings to help change the world for the better.

Happy birthday!

Peppa Pig is so excited about celebrating her birthday that she awakens everyone in the family early, and looks forward eagerly to her party, when her father is going to present a magic show.

Marker by Kang, Anna, author.
Date added:
Oct 18, 2023

"Marker is one of the teacher's go-to school supplies. Her work is tip-top, and she always makes a lasting impression. That is, until Pinking Shears, a.k.a. Pink, arrives and dazzles everyone with her sharp creations. No longer the star of the desk, Marker begins to make mistakes. The trouble is, they can't just be erased; her work is permanent, and she's not allowed to fail. Or so she thinks...until a realization helps her rediscover her Marker magic"--


"The cars stop for Redlight and slow for Yellowlight, so why do they leave Greenlight all alone? When Greenlight decides to stop shining altogether, will she be able to find the power and connection of her own light?"--

Cocomelon 5-Minute Stories by
Date added:
Oct 18, 2023
Cocomelon 5-Minute Stories

Bear with me

Separated from her favorite stuffed animal, Bear, on the first day of school, a little girl is anxious until she finds ways to make herself feel better while waiting to be reunited with Bear again.

100 mighty dragons all named Broccoli

This comical counting adventure follows one hundred mighty dragons all named Broccoli as they each embark on their own journey until there's one dragon left, who retreats to a cave for the winter and reemerges in the spring with a special surprise.

The real story

When Cat asks Mouse how the cookie jar broke and where the cookies went, Mouse tells Cat implausible story after implausible story.

Peppa Pig. Peppa's cruise vacation.

"Anchors away! Join Peppa and her family on a cruise ship adventure. What will Peppa and George discover on their trip?"--Back cover.