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20,000 leagues under the sea by Verne, Jules, 1828-1905, author.

20,000 leagues under the sea

Professor Aronnax, his faithful servant, Counsel, and the Canadian harpooner, Ned Land, begin an extremely hazardous voyage to rid the seas of a little-known and terrifying sea monster. However, the monster turns out to be the Nautilus, a giant submarine commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo, by whom they are soon held captive. So begins not only one of the great adventure classics but also a truly fantastic voyage from the lost city of Atlantis to the South Pole.

Feb 5, 2019
A bound heart by Frantz, Laura, author.

A bound heart

Magnus MacLeish and Lark MacDougall grew up together on the same castle grounds, but Magnus is now the laird of the great house and the Isle of Kerrera while Lark tends to his bees. When Magnus finds that his wife has trouble bearing an heir, he goes to Lark to request a tincture that might help his ailing wife conceive. When his wife suddenly dies, Lark finds herself on the run, accompanied by Magnus, after a whirlwind of accusations expelled them from their beloved island. After running toward

Feb 5, 2019
A lady of esteem by Hunter, Kristi Ann, author.

A lady of esteem

Miss Amelia Stalwood may live in London at her absent guardian's townhouse, but she's never actually met any nobility; instead of aristocrats, her closest friends are servants. Quite by happenstance, she's introduced to the Hawthorne family and their close family friend, Anthony, the reformed Marquis of Raebourne. They welcome her into their world, but just as she's beginning to gain some confidence and even suspect that she may have caught Anthony's eye, she's blindsided by an unexpected twist

Feb 5, 2019
A little love by Prowse, Amanda, author.

A little love

Pru Plum is the owner of a famous Mayfair bakery. She wears Chanel and her hair is expensively cut. Few would believe that she turned sixty-six last year. But Pru is not the confident, successful businesswoman she appears. She has done shameful things to get to where she is today. And she will do anything to protect the secrets of her past - especially now she has finally fallen in love...

Feb 5, 2019
A minor fall - a novel by Ainsworth, Price, author.

A minor fall - a novel

Davy Jessie seems to have everything going for him. He's a young personal injury lawyer working at a top Houston law firm. He has won a few cases on his own and has had the opportunity to work closely with the firm's flashy senior partner, Tim Sullivan. Sullivan is a brilliant lawyer. His undeniable gift for delivering an elegant turn of phrase, coupled with his bon vivant lifestyle, make him the center of attention wherever he goes. He's a man of the world who travels through life with near-mys

Feb 5, 2019
A product of the system by Moore, Michel, author.

A product of the system

Simone knows if she plays with fire, she runs the risk of getting burned, but she just can't help herself. Living large off the paternity scam of a lifetime, she has two baby daddies cashing her out for her infant son. Even her own best friends are getting tired of her low-down, manipulative ways. Unfortunately, the streets begin to talk, and the out-for-self mother's luck taps out. Not in the mood for apologies, each man wants his child support back in pure blood, no matter who gets hurt or who

Feb 5, 2019
A robot named Clunk by Haynes, Simon.

A robot named Clunk

Clunk, a clapped-out robot, is convinced he's about to be junked. Instead, his penny-pinching boss is sending him off to be refurbished. Being old and wise, Clunk knows there's a catch, but at first it doesn't seem too bad. He just has to help a freelancer pick up some cargo. Unfortunately, Hal Spacejock - the freelancer - is obstinate, over-confident, and woefully under-skilled, and he's never going to let a lowly robot fly his precious ship. Is there any chance this pair of misfits can lift of

Feb 5, 2019
A tale of two murders - guilt, innocence, and the execution of Edith Thompson by Thompson, Laura, 1964- author.

A tale of two murders - guilt, innocence, and the execution of Edith Thompson

On the night of October 3, 1922, as Edith Thompson and her husband, Percy, were walking home from the theatre, a man sprang out of the darkness and stabbed Percy to death. The assailant was none other than Edith's lover, Freddy Bywaters. When the police discovered his relationship with Edith, she denied knowledge of the attack but was arrested as his accomplice. Her passionate love letters to Bywaters, read out loud at the ensuing trial, sealed her fate, even though Bywaters insisted Edith had n

Feb 5, 2019
A War of Loves - The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus by Bennett, David.

A War of Loves - The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus

David Bennett came out to his parents as gay when he was fourteen and entered Sydney's active gay community a few years later. In A War of Loves, he shares his growing desire as a gay rights activist to see justice for LGBTQI people, his journey through new age religions and French existentialism, and his university years as a postmodernist--before Jesus Christ showed up in his life in a highly unexpected way, leading him down a path he never would have imagined or predicted. David had believed

Feb 5, 2019
Accidentally perfect by Stevens, Elizabeth, author.

Accidentally perfect

Everyone's convinced the hottest guy in school's going to ask me out-that Mason and I would be the perfect couple, that he's my John Cusack. Except, he hasn't. On holidays, I find myself hanging out with the resident underachiever, and he surprises me. With Roman, I don't have to pretend that little Piper Barlow is perfect; even if we're both in a foul mood, just sitting in silence together is perfectly enough. Until it becomes more. But, Roman doesn't do more . . . does he? What do you do when

Feb 5, 2019
American Gods by Gaiman, Neil Verfasser

American Gods

Als Shadow aus dem Gefn~gnis entlassen wird, ist nichts mehr wie zuvor. Seine Frau ist tot, und ein mysteris_er Fremder bietet ihm einen Job an. Er nennt sich Mr. Wednesday und wei| ungewh_nlich viel |ber Shadow. Er behauptet, ein Sturm ziehe auf, eine gewaltige Schlacht um die Seele Amerikas. Eine Schlacht, in der Shadow eine wichtige Rolle spielen wird ... Ungek|rzte Lesung des neuen Director's Cut auf 3 mp3-CDs!

Feb 5, 2019
Among the lesser gods - a novel by Catts, Margo, author.

Among the lesser gods - a novel

Elena Alvarez is living a cursed life. From the deadly fire she accidentally set as a child to her mother's abandonment and now an unwanted pregnancy, she knows better than most that small actions can have terrible consequences. Yet when her grandmother calls and asks her to watch over the children of a recent widower in a small, isolated town in Colorado, she takes it as a chance to finally organize her life. Instead, she is confronted by reflections of her own troubles wherever she turns-the r

Feb 5, 2019
Answers to questions you've never asked - explaining the what if in science, geography, and the absurd by Pisenti, Joseph, author.

Answers to questions you've never asked - explaining the what if in science, geography, and the absurd

Looking for something filled with fun facts and trivia questions and answers? Answers to Questions You've Never Asked will entertain you for hours.When you take the most absurd parts of history, science, economics, and geography, you end up with a pretty confusing picture of humanity. Why do we have borders? What's the furthest you can get from the ocean? How do you qualify as a country? And why did Vikings wear those silly helmets? These are just a few of the strange questions that bounce aroun

Feb 5, 2019
Around the way girls 11 by

Around the way girls 11

There's a saying that if you come from my part of town, you're from around the way. Around the Way Girls 11 is a fast-paced look at the lives of some street-smart women who think they know it all, but are about to get the lessons of their lives. "Meal Ticket" by Treasure Hernandez: From the outside looking in, Yanna Banks lives what most would consider a perfect life; however, after the tragic death of her husband at the home of his longtime mistress, Yanna's teenage son is forced to step up and

Feb 5, 2019
Back to life - love after heartbreak by Shantaé, author.

Back to life - love after heartbreak

Talented author Dakota Bibbs has deemed herself unlucky in love. She only dreams of experiencing a connection with a man similar to the ones she writes about in her novels. After ending a tumultuous five-year relationship, Dakota has decided to focus on herself and her blossoming business for the time being. Love will just have to wait. Other than dealing with her worrisome ex, things are going well for her. Then on cue, Giannis Williams enters her life. A boss in his own right, Giannis possesse

Feb 5, 2019
Bannon by L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988, author.


Rock Bannon, wounded in an Indian attack, is rescued by a wagon train heading to Oregon. He has fully recovered when the train pulls into a fort to stock up on supplies. It is there that the leaders of the train meet Morton Harper, a smooth-talking man who persuades them to take an easier trail that will allow them to escape an attack by Indians. Bannon knows that there will be no escape from attack on that route and that it will lead the train directly onto Hardy Bishop's vast ranching domain.

Feb 5, 2019
Before she was mine by Wilde, Amelia.

Before she was mine

A wounded warrior. A forbidden love. And one last chance . . . Dayton Nash was never allowed to love Summer Sullivan. She's was his best friend's little sister. Touch her? He couldn't look at her without feeling his best friend's wrath. So he went to war. And he survived-barely. He's a broken man with a broken body. Every heartbeat is agony . . . even after all these years. He's still not allowed to love Summer. Summer thought she'd never see Dayton again. Not after he broke her heart. Not after

Feb 5, 2019
Bloomberg QuickTake - hard-to-explain topics, explained simply by

Bloomberg QuickTake - hard-to-explain topics, explained simply

This volume of Bloomberg QuickTake focuses on the unintended consequences of innovations in technology. With sections on economy & finance, world affairs, energy & environment, and health & society, this take on current events allows listeners to delve into hard-to-explain topics with ease.

Feb 5, 2019
Blue skies by Anderson, Catherine.

Blue skies

Two people discover the healing power of love in this Coulter Family romance from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson. Carly Adams feels as if she's been given a new lease on life. Born with a rare eye disease, she was blind until a recent operation restored her sight. Now, she's eager to experience everything the world has to offer-including the sweet talk of a handsome cowboy who rouses her desire . . . Hank Coulter has no plans to settle down, until he discovers that Carly Ad

Feb 5, 2019
Body kindness - transform your health from the inside out, and never say diet again by Scritchfield, Rebecca, author, narrator.

Body kindness - transform your health from the inside out, and never say diet again

Imagine a graph with two lines. One indicates happiness, the other tracks how you feel about your body. If you're like millions of people, the lines do not intersect. But what if they did? This practical, inspirational, and lively book tells you how to create a healthier and happier life by treating yourself with compassion rather than shame. It shows the way to a sense of well-being attained by understanding how to love, connect, and care for yourself-and that includes your mind as well as your

Feb 5, 2019