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16 going on 21 by Lee, Darrien, author.

16 going on 21

This story explores the lives of sixteen-year-olds Denim Mitchell and Andre Patterson, who have shared an intense bond ever since they were kids. Denim yearns to date Andre, known by his friends as Dre. However, Denim's parents are doing everything in their power to keep the heat of the passion between the two teens under wraps. Dre, a rising basketball star and budding artist, has a glorious future ahead of him. Unfortunately, rumor has it that he's involved in activities that could ruin his ch

Apr 4, 2019
4th and girl by Monroe, Max.

4th and girl

I'm Leo Landry, one of the best shutdown cornerbacks in the nation, and the New York Mavericks' first round draft pick. If James Bond spent his days running drills and his nights shutting out quarterbacks, he'd dream about being me. But professional football is on a whole other level from college, and as the new guy, I've got everything to prove. No problem. All I've got to do is focus, right? Too bad life's got other plans. Blond hair, long lashes, and criminal blue eyes, there's a pint-sized b

Apr 4, 2019
5+us makes seven - a nanny single dad romance by Elliot, Nicole.

5+us makes seven - a nanny single dad romance

I can't sleep with the nanny. Or get her pregnant . . . Nannies never last long under my roof. They all kind of hate me-Natasha, the newest one included. My kids are unruly, and all under seven. They say I'm distant and cold. But when Natasha takes over, finally things start falling into place. She's sweet, innocent, and beautiful. I'd do anything for her. She says we need to keep it platonic, for the kids. But her curves call to me. We can't keep our hands off each other. Our family is about to

Apr 4, 2019
A family to keep by Gable, Susan.

A family to keep

He was just supposed to be a sperm donor . . . Desperate to save her daughter's life, Dr. Amelia Young will do whatever it takes, including show up on the doorstep of the sperm donor who made Jordan's life possible in the first place. Chef Finn Hawkins is taken aback by the woman in his kitchen, asking for a donation of genetic material like a cup of sugar. Anonymously donating as a college student was impulsive. Crazy. But how can he refuse to help save the life of the thirteen-year-old daughte

Apr 4, 2019
A little harmless obsession by Schroeder, Melissa.

A little harmless obsession

What begins as a quest for submission becomes an unrelenting need for love. May Aiona's crush on sexy Evan Chambers is a bad habit that should be easy to break. It's not like he's ever noticed her. Looking for a safe place to release the reins of control and explore her curiosity about BDSM, May takes a friend up on an invitation to visit an exclusive bondage club-all she has to agree to is a public submission. Evan can't help but notice the exotically beautiful May. But despite his success, the

Apr 4, 2019
A Nordic king by Halle, Karina.

A Nordic king

A widowed father of two little girls. The beautiful nanny he's hired to raise them. A forbidden romance unlike any other. When I first applied for the job I thought it would be like all the others: working as a nanny for an aristocratic family. Then I got the job and found out how wrong I was. Now I'm the new nanny for two adorable little girls who happen to be princesses. Their father is the widowed King of Denmark. And my new home? The royal palace in Copenhagen. Adjusting to my new life isn't

Apr 4, 2019
A private investigation by Grainger, Peter.

A private investigation

When fourteen-year-old Zoe Johnson doesn't come home on a Monday night in early December, the alarm bells in Kings Lake Central police station do not ring straight away-after all, she's from the Dockmills, one of the toughest estates in the town. But for Detective Sergeant DC Smith, due to retire in just three weeks' time, there are some strange echoes of the case that has haunted him for the past thirteen years. Maybe it's simply his over-developed sense of irony, or maybe, in his final days as

Apr 4, 2019
A return of devotion by Hunter, Kristi Ann, author.

A return of devotion

Daphne Blakemoor was perfectly happy living in her own secluded world for twelve years. She had everything she needed-loved ones, a true home, and time to indulge her imagination. But when ownership of the estate where she works as a housekeeper passes on, and the new marquis has an undeniable connection to her past, everything she's come to rely upon is threatened. William, Marquis of Chemsford's main goal in life is to be the exact opposite of his father. Starting a new life in the peace and q

Apr 4, 2019
Accidental dragoon. A LitRPG Swashbuckler by Davis, Jamie.

Accidental dragoon. A LitRPG Swashbuckler

A race against time to save a little girl and the empire she is destined to lead. Despite the best efforts of her enemies, Cari Dix is alive and well. Now she's ready to come out of hiding and bring back the missing heir.

Apr 4, 2019
Accidentally Flirting with the CEO - Whirlwind Romance, no. 1 by Richards, Shadonna.

Accidentally Flirting with the CEO - Whirlwind Romance, no. 1

What happens when a seductive e-mail goes to the wrong recipient-your boss? Is this a disaster waiting to happen-or the beginning of something too hot to handle?

Apr 4, 2019
Afraid of all the things - tornadoes, cancer, adoption, and other stuff you need the gospel for by Hiltibidal, Scarlet.

Afraid of all the things - tornadoes, cancer, adoption, and other stuff you need the gospel for

What does the gospel say about your fears? What does it say about the irrational ones, like sinkholes in the Target parking lot? How does it speak to the rational ones, like pet scan predictions? And does the gospel have a word for the fears you feel you'll have for life, like the possibility of losing the one you love most? Growing up in the green room of SNL, being born to a fire-eater and adopted by a SWAT cop, having internal organs explode, and adopting a deaf girl from China, Scarlet Hilti

Apr 4, 2019
All the wrong places by G. I. F. T. D., author.

All the wrong places

Nice guys finish last... or at least that's what they say. Boon, a lawyer from Chicago, is a hopeless romantic; however, life keeps dealing him a shady hand when it comes to the opposite sex. It seems as though every woman Boon finds interest in tears him down. CiCi, Boon's best friend and former high school sweetheart, tries to be there for him throughout his trials and tribulations, but she isn't quite over him herself. She remains in his corner as he hops from woman to woman, relationship to

Apr 4, 2019
Always eat left handed - 15 surprising secrets for killing it at work and in real life by Bhargava, Rohit, author.

Always eat left handed - 15 surprising secrets for killing it at work and in real life

This entertainingly irreverent book from Wall Street Journal bestselling author and occasional Georgetown University professor Rohit Bhargava is filled with brutally honest secrets of success no one has ever dared to tell you. Start smoking? Be a cross-dresser? Procrastinate more? Make people cry? Learn to yodel? Listening to just a few of these "secrets," you might wonder if this book is serious. Indeed, it is. Through a bite-size collection of 15 quirky and insightful stories told in a highly

Apr 4, 2019
Amaury's hellion by Folsom, Tina, author.

Amaury's hellion

The Scanguards Vampires series - over 1 Million copies sold worldwide! Vampire Amaury LeSang is cursed to feel everybody's emotions like a permanent migraine. The only way to alleviate the pain is through sex. When he meets the feisty human woman Nina, a cure for his ailment seems within reach: in her presence all pain vanishes. Unfortunately, Nina is out to kill him because she believes he's involved in her brother's death. And she would succeed if only Amaury's bad boy charm didn't play havoc

Apr 4, 2019
An arrangement of love by Wright, Kenya, author.

An arrangement of love

What would you do for six figures? Billionaire Chase Stone offers Jasmine a six-figure job that requires a full-time commitment in his office-as well as his bed. If only she had known that before she agreed, then life would've been easier. It's not that he's unattractive. She just didn't graduate from Harvard with honors so that she could be some rich guy's overpaid mistress. What's even more repulsive is that he lives with three women and wants her to be the fourth. Not going to happen! But Cha

Apr 4, 2019
Arcane kingdom online - the chosen by Tanner, Jakob.

Arcane kingdom online - the chosen

Log-in or die. Those are the only choices left for Clay Hopewell. Infected with the ZERO virus, he has less than twenty-four hours before he bites the dust. With no cure available, there's only one option left: digitally reincarnate himself in the most advanced virtual reality game ever, the mysterious and newly released Arcane Kingdom Online. But cheating death and gaining immortality isn't that easy. If Clay survives the risky cognitive upload process, he'll still have to contend with a fantas

Apr 4, 2019
At the Water's Edge by Bliss, Harper.

At the Water's Edge

Sometimes you need to go back to where you came from. When Ella returns to her hometown to recover from a trauma, she makes a connection with Kay, the lovely owner of a lake resort. Ella thought she didn't have time for love, but this extraordinary woman may just prove her wrong. A deeply emotional read by best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss -- Perfect for fans of Radclyffe & Jae

Apr 4, 2019
Baby fever promise by Snow, Nicole.

Baby fever promise

ROBBI Once, Lucus Shaw was my everything. First kiss. First surrender. First man to promise me a ring, children, a life together. I remember his rogue smirk, his soul stinging kiss, the blistering words that always made him a little dangerous. I gave him my body for one insatiable night. He gave me secrets, heartbreak, and hatred. Friends, to lovers, to mortal enemies. Our tragic destiny. But I survived. Adapted. Moved on. Fate doesn't care. Luke's back, and I have to pretend we still have a Cin

Apr 4, 2019
Bad influence by London, Stefanie.

Bad influence

Annie Maxwell had her whole life figured out . . . until her fianc ?left her when his career took off. If that wasn't bad enough, every society blog posted pictures of him escorting a woman wearing her wedding ring. To help the women of New York avoid men like her ex, she created the Bad Bachelors app. But try as she might, Annie just can't forget him . . . Outside his stellar career, CEO Joe Preston has made a lot of mistakes. None was worse than leaving the love of his life when she needed him

Apr 4, 2019
Battle born by Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983- author.

Battle born

Don't miss the first-ever young adult fiction novel based on the megahit Halo video game series! Saskia, Dorian, Evie, and Victor aren't exactly friends at their small high school on the middle-of-nowhere colony world of Meridian. Each has their own problems, from absent parents to supporting their family, getting into a good college to making the next hit holo-film. But those problems were nothing next to the threat now facing their world: The alien alliance known as the Covenant is laying sieg

Apr 4, 2019