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A daughter's deadly deception - the Jennifer Pan story by Grimaldi, Jeremy, author.

A daughter's deadly deception - the Jennifer Pan story

From the outside looking in, Jennifer Pan seemed like a model daughter living a perfect life. The ideal child, the one her immigrant parents saw, was studying to become a pharmacist at the University of Toronto. But there was a dark, deceptive side to the angelic young woman. In reality, Jennifer spent her days in the arms of her high-school sweetheart, Daniel. In an attempt to lead the life she dreamed of, she would do almost anything: lie about her whereabouts, forge school documents, and inve

Mar 3, 2020
A field guide to homicide by Cahoon, Lynn.

A field guide to homicide

Cat Latimer and her writer's retreat group go on a hiking trip-but a murderer has been lurking off the beaten path . . . Cat's sweetheart, Seth, is going all out on an outing into the local mountains-for the benefit of the writing group Cat's hosting at her Colorado B&B. But when they try to identify some plant and animal life, they find death instead. The body belongs to a man with a gold claim a few miles away. Instead of striking it rich, he's been struck down. To his surprise, Seth recognize

Mar 3, 2020
A heart of blood and ashes by Vane, Milla.

A heart of blood and ashes

A generation past, the western realms were embroiled in endless war. Then the Destroyer came. From the blood and ashes he left behind, a tenuous alliance rose between the barbarian riders of Parsathe and the walled kingdoms of the south. That alliance is all that stands against the return of an ancient evil-until the barbarian king and queen are slain in an act of bloody betrayal. Though forbidden by the alliance council to kill the corrupt king responsible for his parents' murders, Maddek vows

Mar 3, 2020
A jump into the unknown by Atamanov, Michael.

A jump into the unknown

We put an end to the war with the Dark Faction, but still humanity's problems are far from over. More than half of the game's promised tong of safety has elapsed, and yet humankind is no closer to forming a unified front. We've just begun building one of the twelve planetary shield generators necessary to give Earth complete protection, but we don't have enough construction materials, players, or time. Should we ask the parallel magocratic world for help? After all, an invasion from outer space

Mar 3, 2020
A long time comin' by Pearson, Robin W., author.

A long time comin'

To hear Beatrice Agnew tell it, she entered the world with her mouth tightly shut. Just because she finds out she's dying doesn't mean she can't keep it that way. If any of her children have questions about their daddy and the choices she made after he abandoned them, they'd best take it up with Jesus. There's no room in Granny B's house for regrets or hand-holding. Or so she thinks. Her granddaughter, Evelyn Lester, shows up on Beatrice's doorstep anyway, burdened with her own secret baggage. D

Mar 3, 2020
A ride to remember - a civil rights story by Langley, Sharon, 1963- author, narrator.

A ride to remember - a civil rights story

When Sharon Langley was born in the early 1960s, many amusement parks were segregated, and African-American families were not allowed entry. This interesting tale reveals how in the summer of 1963, due to demonstrations and public protests, the Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Maryland became desegregated and opened to all for the first time. Co-author Sharon Langley was the first African-American child to ride the carousel. This was on the same day of Martin Luther King Jr.'s March on Washington for

Mar 3, 2020
A royal witch by Garrett, Danielle.

A royal witch

The Beechwood Manor is filling up fast and Holly's feeling the pinch. There are several new roommates in the Beechwood Manor, and one of them is a royal witch. Literally. Unrest in a haven-ally magical kingdom leads a foreign princess into hiding and the Supernatural Protection Agency deems the Beechwood Manor as the perfect safe house. When tragedy strikes, the royal's problems land at the manor's front door and it's going to take all hands on deck if the paranormal roomies hope to make it

Mar 3, 2020
A small town - a novel by Perry, Thomas, 1947- author.

A small town - a novel

In A Small Town, twelve conspirators meticulously plan to throw open all the gates to the prison that contains them, so that more than a thousand convicts may escape and pour into the nearby small town. The newly freed prisoners rape, murder, and destroy the town-burning down homes and businesses. An immense search ensues, but the twelve who plotted it all get away. After two years, all efforts by the local and federal police agencies have been in vain. The mayor and city attorney meet, and Leah

Mar 3, 2020
Accidentally compromising the duke by Reid, Stacy.

Accidentally compromising the duke

England, 1817. Miss Adeline Hays is out of options. Determined to escape marriage to a repugnant earl, Adeline plans to deliberately allow herself to be caught in a compromising position at a house party with the much kinder man she'd hoped to marry. Instead, Adeline accidentally enters the wrong chamber and tumbles into the bed of the mad duke. Edmond Rochester, the duke of Wolverton, is seeking a wife to care for his two daughters. He's looking for a young lady of sensibilities and accomplishm

Mar 3, 2020
After the fall by Casey, Ryan.

After the fall

With the lights still out, how far will you go to survive? When an EMP devastated the nation's power supplies and left the country in ruins, Jack, Wayne, Susan, Emma and Logan all fought to seek shelter in a treacherous first day. But surviving the first day was just the beginning. Jack has found his way home. But when tragedy strikes, he is forced on a personal journey across the country to seek new shelter-and face up to the harrowing demons of his past. Wayne's search for Candice is going now

Mar 3, 2020
Agrippina - the most extraordinary woman of the Roman world by Southon, Emma, author.

Agrippina - the most extraordinary woman of the Roman world

The story of Agrippina, at the center of imperial power for three generations, is the story of the Julio-Claudia dynasty-and of Rome itself, at its bloody, extravagant, chaotic, ruthless, and political zenith. In her own time, she was recognized as a woman of unparalleled power. Beautiful and intelligent, she was portrayed as alternately a ruthless murderer and helpless victim, the most loving mother and the most powerful woman of the Roman empire, using sex, motherhood, manipulation, and violen

Mar 3, 2020
Alice in Wonderland by Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898.

Alice in Wonderland

Nothing's more magical than going down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass with Alice. There, in worlds unlike any other ever created, conventional logic is turned upside down and wrong-way round to enchanting effect. Children will love reading Carroll's many humorous nonsense verses and meeting such unforgettable characters as the Mad Hatter, the Knave of Hearts who steals some tarts, and the grinning Cheshire Cat (in Alice in Wonderland) and Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Humpty Dumpty, and

Mar 3, 2020
All the befores by Chase, Samantha.

All the befores

After a failed marriage, focusing on her children instead of her love life was the best thing to do. Now years later, Susannah is content with her life. But when she meets Colton Hale, she decides that she wants to be more than just content-she's ready to take a chance on love once again. After just a year of being together, Colton is ready to spend forever with Susannah-to give her the happily ever after she deserves. But old insecurities have a way of making a comeback when you least want them

Mar 3, 2020
Alone on the wall by Honnold, Alex, author.

Alone on the wall

Includes two new chapters on Alex Honnold's free solo ascent of the iconic 3,000-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. On June 3rd, 2017, Alex Honnold became the first person to free solo Yosemite's El Capitan-to scale the wall without rope, a partner, or any protective gear-completing what was described as the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport and one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever. Already one of the most famous adventure athletes in the world,

Mar 3, 2020
And then one day by Chase, Samantha.

And then one day

Years of secretly crushing on her best friend's older brother have led nowhere, and Courtney's finally ready to move on. It would have been a great plan had she not drunkenly blurted out all her feelings and kissed him. At least she'll be able to forget all about it when she leaves town in less than 48 hours. It takes a lot to surprise Dean Jones, but a kiss from the girl he's been secretly attracted to for years does just that. All it takes is one kiss for him to realize he doesn't want to let

Mar 3, 2020
Black wave. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Forty-Year Rivalry That Unraveled Culture, Religion, and Collective Memo by Ghattas, Kim.

Black wave. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Forty-Year Rivalry That Unraveled Culture, Religion, and Collective Memo

Kim Ghattas delivers a gripping account of the largely unexplored story of the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, born from the sparks of the 1979 Iranian revolution and fueled by American policy. With vivid story-telling, extensive historical research and on-the-ground reporting, Ghattas dispels accepted truths about a region she calls home. She explores how Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran, once allies and twin pillars of US strategy in the region, became mortal enemies after 1979. She sho

Mar 3, 2020
Blessing on the run by Terry, Alana.

Blessing on the run

Danger she can't escape. Temptation she can't ignore. And the secret that could destroy everything …Blessing's worked hard as a single mom. Caring for her son, struggling to pay the bills, and straightening out her life after years on the street … It's the hardest job she's ever loved. Until her ex-boyfriend reappears with a secret that could cost her freedom, her family, even her very life. Blessing promised herself never to return to the hell she escaped from. But that was before she had a chi

Mar 3, 2020
Bunker - born to fight by Falconer, Jay J., author.

Bunker - born to fight

Machine Guns. Murder. Mayhem. The insurgents rule of terror is complete. They control everything. Everything except a band of patriots who want their town back. Reclaiming their home won't be easy. Not against overwhelming firepower. But Jack Bunker is ready. He has the skills and training to lead them in an explosive battle of survival. Victory will come at a steep price; however, when dark secrets are revealed, exposing some while protecting others. Treachery abounds as tempers boil, romance b

Mar 3, 2020
Bunker - born to fight by Falconer, Jay J., author.

Bunker - born to fight

Cyber-Attacks. EMPs. Invasion. War. When the end comes, few will have the ability to survive. When a coordinated attack takes out the nation's power grid, a small town finds itself at ground zero of an all-out invasion. With limited options and no time to prepare, the citizens have no choice but to turn to a mysterious drifter, Jack Bunker, for help. The former combat engineer has the skills to keep them alive, but he won't be able to do it alone, not against an overwhelmingly superior force. So

Mar 3, 2020
Bunker - born to fight by Falconer, Jay J., author.

Bunker - born to fight

A Warrior Lives for Peace. Sometimes All He Finds is War. When the perpetrators finally reveal themselves, Jack Bunker finds himself the target of a deadly manhunt. He's all that stands between them and complete control. Yet mortars, artillery, and machine guns are not the only threats Bunker must face. News of an airborne pathogen spreads panic across the countryside, leaving everyone to fend for themselves, including Bunker after he's wounded. Eventually the citizens of Clearwater must make an

Mar 3, 2020