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Growing Up Urkel by White, Jaleel
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024
Growing Up Urkel

From Under the Truck by Brolin, Josh
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024
From Under the Truck

Dumb luck and the kindness of strangers

"In Dumb Luck and the Kindness of Strangers, Gierach looks back to the long-ago day when he bought his first resident fishing license in Colorado, where the fishing season never ends, and just knew he was in the right place. And he succinctly sums up partof the appeal of his sport when he writes that it is 'an acquired taste that reintroduces the chaos of uncertainty back into our well-regulated lives'"--

Didion and Babitz by Anolik, Lili
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024
Didion and Babitz

The mouth of earth - poems

"Poems in The Mouth of Earth contemplate how we might live wisely in the midst of a planetary change we barely comprehend. The book is a contribution to 21st century environmental literature, and a survival guide to the planet and one another in the age of climate crisis"--

Joining Places- Slave Neighborhoods in the Old South

Joining Places: Slave Neighborhoods in the Old South

The unplugged hours - cultivating a life of presence in a digitally connected world

"No matter what you do for a living, how much time your apps save you, or how much entertainment your phone brings, it is possible to unplug--and find an even better life on the other side. In the spring of 2021, Hannah Brencher found herself depleted andexhausted--and she knew the culprit was her constantly plugged-in lifestyle. Like so many of us, Hannah had been turning to her phone to cope with life in a time of isolation and uncertainty. Those coping mechanisms had calcified into habits she

Why me God? by Cornell, Margaret
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Why me God?

In October 2017 Margaret was very shocked when she was diagnosed with Stage Four Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and given two months to live, but God intervened.

Well, This Is Me by Perlman, Asher
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Well, This Is Me

Valley so low - one lawyer's fight for justice in the wake of America's great coal catastrophe

"A riveting courtroom drama as victims of a manmade environmental disaster-the survivors-pursue justice in a Tennessee court led by a country lawyer challenging the notion that, in America, justice can be bought"--