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Raising resilience - how to help our children thrive in times of uncertainty

"An expert on child development and the author of How Toddlers Thrive presents a new approach for parents to help children and teens build resilience and flourish in an unpredictable world"--

Supremacy - AI, ChatGPT, and the race that will change the world

"In November of 2022, a webpage was posted online with a simple text box. It was an AI chatbot called ChatGPT, and was unlike any app people had used before. It was more human than a customer service agent, more convenient than a Google search. Behind thescenes, battles for control and prestige between the world's two leading AI firms, OpenAI and DeepMind, who now steers Google's AI efforts, has remained elusive - until now. In Supremacy, Olson, tech writer at Bloomberg, tells the astonishing st

The story of a heart - two families united by loss, love,  and lifesaving medicine

"One summer day, nine-year-old Keira Ball was in a terrible car accident and suffered catastrophic brain injuries. As the rest of her body began to shut down, her heart continued to beat. In an act of extraordinary generosity, Keira's parents and siblingsimmediately agreed that she would have wanted to be an organ donor. Meanwhile nine-year-old Max Johnson had been in a hospital for nearly a year, valiantly fighting the virus that was causing his young heart to fail. When Max's parents received

Stench - the making of the Thomas Court and the unmaking of America

"A blistering expose of Clarence Thomas and the conservative regime of corruption that has usurped the Supreme Court - by a Democratic activist and former Republican political operative Public confidence in the Supreme Court has plummeted to new lows in the last few years - and for good reason. In the past three decades, six conservative justices have gained a supermajority through questionable means: a dubious intervention in a presidential election, perjury during Senate testimony, and a GOP S

The Sing Sing files - one journalist, six innocent men, and a twenty-year fight for justice

"It wasn't the September 11 attacks or the murders he'd investigated for the NYPD that haunted him, the detective told journalist Dan Slepian, but a 1990 case where two men were sentenced to twenty-five years to life in prison for a murder they didn't commit. When Slepian, a veteran producer for NBC's Dateline, asked how he knew, the cop replied, "Because I know who the real killers are." Slepian couldn't shake what the detective had told him-and what it said about the criminal justice system. I

The siege - a six-day hostage crisis and the daring special-forces operation that shocked the world

"A thrilling tick-tock recounting one of the most harrowing hostage situations and daring rescue attempts of our time-From true-life espionage master and New York Times bestselling author of Operation Mincemeat and The Spy and the Traitor Ben Macintyre"--

Rage - on being queer, black, brilliant . . . and completely over it

"A debut book from Entertainment Weekly writer and former Out magazine editor Lester Fabian Brathwaite, Rage is a darkly comedic exploration of Blackness, queerness, and the American Dream, at a time when creative anger feels like the best response to inequality"--

Proverbs of limbo - poems

"A new book of poems by three-time Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, a writer of "art whose scope and complexity and grandeur are rarely equalled" (Louise Glu¨ck)"--

Sexism & Sensibility - Raising Empowered, Resilient Girls in the Modern World

"An invaluable guide to understanding and dismantling sexism for parents trying to raise confident and powerful girls in a culture that often demeans them. We live in a world of mixed messages for women: You can be anything you want to be, but don't expect to be paid equally for it. It's what's inside that counts, but be sure to wax, bleach, and slim down what's outside first. Most parents find it easier to tell girls how strong and equal they are than to talk about how the world can be particul

Runaway train - or, the story of my life so far

"In this brutally candid memoir, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts pulls no punches about the ups and downs of his career and his sometimes stormy relationship with his famous sister, Julia. Eric Roberts grew up in Georgia, spending mostof his teens away from his mother and sisters, Lisa and Julia. Instead, he stayed with his controlling father, a grifter jealous of his early success. At age 17, Eric moved to New York to pursue acting, where he worked and partied with future le

The rising - the twenty-year battle to rebuild the World Trade Center

"The never-before-told inside story of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center - an epic tale of business, politics, and engineering by the man who spent two decades working to make it happen. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 destroyed the World TradeCenter, New Yorkers and Americans faced a critical set of questions: What should be done with the site? Could the towers be replaced? And how best to memorialize those lost on that day? For Larry Silverstein, a lifelong New Yorker who had signed

A return to common sense - how to fix America before we really blow it

"A political book for non-political people from viral TikTok sensation PoliticsGirl. Something's gone wrong in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We can all feel it, but if we're being honest, most of us don't understand it. At the end of theday, we don't have all the facts, and if you don't know how something works, how do you fix it? A Return to Common Sense is a concise, no-nonsense, dare we say fun, guide to how America works and a roadmap to reclaiming a government of, by, and

Remember, you are a Wiley

"A moving, politically-charged memoir of surviving trauma and the power of activism from MSNBC legal analyst, professor, civil rights lawyer and former New York City Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley. Born in a country that has repeatedly traumatized her and her loved ones, Maya Wiley grew up in a household that prioritized activism, hope, and resilience above all else. This attitude landed her father on President Nixon's enemies list as her mother organized third-party political platforms. Still, th

On freedom

"A brilliant exploration of freedom-what it is, how it's been misunderstood, and why it's our only chance for survival-by the acclaimed Yale historian and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller On Tyranny"--

Magically Black and other essays

"With equal parts candor and humor, Jerald Walker--a recipient of the PEN Award for nonfiction and finalist for the National Book Award--sharply examines and explains Black life and culture in Magically Black and Other Essays"--