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The road is good - how a mother's strength became a daughter's purpose

"The Road Is Good is a memoir of Black immigrant identity, the coming-of-age story of Nigerian American actress Uzo Aduba, one of the stars of the television series Orange is the New Black"--

The position of spoons - and other intimacies

"The inimitable Deborah Levy, author of The Cost of Living, traces the literary and artistic muses that have shaped her life and work as a writer"--

Pass the plate - 100 always delicious, highly shareable, everyday recipes

"Wildly popular blogger and viral food influencer Carolina Gelen presents 100 crowd-pleasing, never hard, effortlessly delicious recipes for flavorful meals that showcase her carefree style. Millions of online followers have flocked to Carolina Gelen's comforting cooking and easy, breezy style that emphasizes big flavor with a light lift. In her debut cookbook, she shares soulful recipes rooted in the resourcefulness of her Romanian upbringing that use affordable, pantry-friendly ingredients. Wi

Outside in - a year of growing and displaying

Discover how to plan your garden so you can display flowers and foliage in your home every month of the year, in this beautifully illustrated guide from popular Instagram and RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival gardener Sean A. Pritchard. In this, his first book, garden designer Sean Pritchard shows you how to plan a garden so that every month of the year there's something to bring indoors and display in an engaging way and divided by season with additional chapters on vessels, scent, color, textu

Only in America - Al Jolson and The Jazz Singer

"Al Jolson, born Asa Yoelson, immigrated from his shtetl in Lithuania to the United States in 1894 after his father secured a job as a rabbi in Washington, D.C. A poor, Yiddish-speaking newcomer navigating a racially segregated and antisemitic America, young Jolson dreamed of becoming a star, and he did. Thanks to his immense talent and his knack for assimilating into new environments, by the time he reached his twenties he was the most famous and highly paid entertainer in America, making almos

Night magic - adventures among glowworms, moon gardens, and other marvels of the dark

"In a glorious celebration of the dark, nature writer Leigh Ann Henion invites us to leave our well-lit homes and step outside to embrace the biodiversity that surrounds us"--

Mondrian - his life, his art, and the quest of the absolute

"The extraordinary and surprising life of Piet Mondrian, whose unprecedented geometric art revolutionized modern painting, architecture, graphic art, dress design, and much more"--

The Message by Coates, Ta-Nehisi
Date added:
Jul 1, 2024
The Message

A little less broken - how an autism diagnosis finally made me whole

"A memoir about a woman who was diagnosed with autism at thirty-four years old. The book also discusses the cultural dynamics that make it difficult women and girls to get diagnosed and why so many people end up masking their differences for years or decades"--

Justine Cooks - recipes, essays, and stories, all about - starting from scratch

"In her debut cookbook, social media storyteller and food influencer Justine Doiron shares how to find your cooking style through 100 approachable and innovative recipes. Known for her love of vegetables, beans, bread, farmers' markets, and her dog Walter, social media cooking star Justine Doiron turned her hobby of cooking into her creative outlet in her early twenties when she began sharing her recipes and experiences with food on TikTok and Instagram. Over the course of five years, she has fo