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Psychedelics - the revolutionary drugs that could change your life--a guide from the expert

"We are on the cusp of a major revolution in psychiatric medicine and neuroscience. After fifty years of prohibition, criminalization and fear, science is finally showing us that psychedelics are not dangerous or harmful. Instead, when used according to tested, safe and ethical guidelines, they are our most powerful newest treatment of mental health conditions, from depression, PTSD, and OCD to disordered eating and even addiction and chronic pain. Professor David Nutt, one of the world's leadin

A paradise of small houses - the evolution, devolution, and potential rebirth of urban housing

"From the Haitian-style "shotgun" houses of the 19th century to the lavish high-rises of the 21st century, a walk through the streets of America's neighborhoods that reveals the rich history-and future-of urban housing"--

Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

President Carters challenging and provocative assessment of what must be done to bring permanent peace to Israel with dignity and justice for Palestinians--and one of the most important books of the year--is now available in paperback.

The New York game - baseball and the rise of a new city

"A hugely entertaining history of baseball in New York City, bursting with bigger than life figures, and long-forgotten heroes, spanning the game's founding to the early 1940s"--

Modern Poetry by Seuss, Diane
Date added:
Feb 1, 2024
Modern Poetry

Penning poison - a history of anonymous letters

"Receiving an unexpected and unsigned note is a disconcerting experience. In Penning Poison, Emily Cockayne traces the stories of such letters to all corners of English society over the period 1760-1939. She uncovers scandal, deception, class enmity, personal tragedy, and great loneliness. Some messages were accusatory, some libellous, others bizarre. Technology, new postal networks, forensic techniques, and the emergence of professional police all influence the phenomenon of poison letter campa

Of greed and glory - in pursuit of freedom for all

"Freedom and equality are the watchwords of American democracy. But like justice, freedom and equality are meaningless when there is no corresponding practical application of the ideals they represent. Physical, bodily liberty is fundamental to every American's personal sovereignty. And yet, millions of Americans-including author Deborah Plant's brother, whose life sentence at Angola Prison reveals a shocking current parallel to her academic work on the history of slavery in America-are deprived

Not my type - automating sexual racism in online dating

"In the world of online dating, race-based discrimination is not only tolerated, but encouraged as part of a pervasive belief that it is simply a neutral, personal choice about one's romantic partner. Indeed, it is so much a part of our inherited wisdom about dating and romance that it actually directs the algorithmic infrastructures of most major online dating platforms, such that they openly reproduce racist and sexist hierarchies. In, Not My Type: Automating Sexual Racism in Online Dating, Ap

Never not working - why the always-on culture is bad for business, and how to fix it

"Many workers believe that to compete with other top talent they must embrace a culture that rewards long hours and constant connection to work. Businesses and society have encouraged this by endorsing busyness, overwork, and extreme commitment as the most valued traits in workers. Sometimes that endorsement is explicit, as when Elon Musk told Twitter employees to work "long hours at high intensity" or get fired. But more often it's an implicit contract, a buildup of organizational and cultural

Mattie, Milo, and Me by Abel, Anne
Date added:
Feb 1, 2024
Mattie, Milo, and Me

Live Ready- A Guide to Protecting Yourself In An Uncertain World

Anyone can learn the techniques to recognize danger, avoid trouble, and ward off the people who would commit violence against them. You simply have to control your fear and be willing to protect yourself. This book shows you how.

In Pursuit of Peace in Israel and Palestine

A visionary road map out of the world's oldest conflict by the initiator of the secret back channel between Israel and Hamas that led to the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit

Make your own magic - a beginner's guide to self-empowering witchcraft

"From the bestselling author of The Princess Saves Herself in This One comes an accessible guide to incorporating magic into your life completely from scratch, welcoming beginner witches with arms wide open. As witchcraft grows ever more popular, there are countless introductions to magical practice to choose from-so many that you might not know where to begin. When you're just getting started, it's easy to be intimidated by even "entry-level" magic books, or you simply may not have time to read

Magia Sexualis- Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism

"This book offers a fascinating account of the development of Western sexual magic through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Urban focuses on an extraordinary set of historical figures, and his rich analysis illuminates the sexual--and supernatural--undercurrents that have shaped modernity."--Randall Styers, author of "Making Magic: Religion, Magic, and Science in the Modern World"

I hate old music, too - how familiarity & overuse killed our favorite music

"An edgy, witty, and opinionated critical analysis of "classic rock" in the 21st century, discussing everything from modern remixes of classic albums (why?) to concert ticket prices, Record Store Day, the vinyl revival, milking deceased artists, reunions,tribute acts, and more"--