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Cooking con Claudia - 100 authentic, family-style Mexican recipes

"Join YouTube's Claudia Regalado as she presents 100 Mexican recipes she and her family have enjoyed for years. Family favorites, new classics, delectable desserts, and so much more from Claudia's kitchen are present in the pages of this book"--

Koreaworld - A Cookbook
Date added:
Mar 22, 2024
Koreaworld - A Cookbook

The MeatEater outdoor cookbook - wild game recipes for the grill, smoker, campstove, and campfire

"In his previous books, outdoorsman and wild cuisine enthusiast Steven Rinella brought wild foods into the kitchen, teaching readers how to hunt, butcher, and cook wild fish and game to create gourmet dishes. Now, Rinella is bringing the kitchen into thewild in a cookbook that shows readers how to cook delectable meals in the peaceful solace of nature. Each chapter covers a different outdoor cooking method, such as grilling, smoking, and portable burner cooking, and each recipe indicates whether

Bite by bite - nourishments & jamborees

In Bite by Bite, poet and essayist Aimee Nezhukumatathil explores the way food and drink evoke our associations and remembrances--a subtext or layering, a flavor tinged with joy, shame, exuberance, grief, desire, or nostalgia. Nezhukumatathil restores our astonishment and wonder about food through her encounters with a range of foods and food traditions. From shave ice to lumpia, mangoes to pecans, rambutan to vanilla, she investigates how food marks our experiences and identities and explores t

The SalviSoul cookbook - Salvadoran recipes & the women who preserve them

"A beautifully photographed cookbook that celebrates the vibrant culture and community of El Salvador through eighty recipes and stories from twenty-five Salvadoran women"--

The bean book - 100 recipes for cooking with all kinds of beans, from the rancho gordo kitchen

"From the founder of the acclaimed Rancho Gordo bean company, Steve Sando's authoritative presentation of 50 bean varieties and how to cook with them, from classic recipes to new takes"--

North wild kitchen - home cooking from the heart of Norway

Written from her 17th-century mountain farm in rural Norway, Nevada Berg's blog and Instagram feed are brimming with gorgeous--and achievable--ideas for home cooking and entertaining. Berg is a self-taught cook, and her simple and charming approach focuses on seasonal food prepared without a lot of fuss. With dozens of mouthwatering recipes for Norwegian-inspired dishes, this book features equally enticing photography of the food and the country's landscape. Each chapter focuses on a different a

Everyday delicious - 30 minute(ish) home-cooked meals made simple

"Finding himself at home more during the pandemic and in the hybrid world that followed, James Beard Award-winning author and chef Rocco DiSpirito rediscovered for the first time in decades, the joy of cooking for and savoring weekday meals with his family and friends, something that was not a regular occurrence when he was working in a busy restaurant or as celebrity chef on the go. Of course, as a home cook preparing nightly family meals, Rocco also experienced the fatigue of spending hours pl