• The books of Clash - legendary legends of legendarious achievery. Volume 2

    "Once upon a time, archers Jane and Angie were best friends who did everything together. That is, until, one day during battle Jane found herself stranded and alone in an otherworldly cave where she stumbled upon a mysterious scroll...with an even more mysterious message"--

  • Five nights at Freddy's. Fazbear frights. Graphic novel collection vol. 4

    From a boy determined to teach the school bully a lesson to a novelty toy that brings good luck with monstrous consequences, this terrifying trio of tales will have FNAF fans on the edge of their seats.

  • A Firehose of Falsehood - The Story of Disinformation

  • Stephen Mccranie's Space Boy 18

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 23 Epic Collection - The Hero Killers

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Usagi Yojimbo - Wherewhen

  • My Favorite Thing Is Monsters 2

  • 40 men and 12 rifles - Indochina 1954

    "A graphic novel set in Indochina in the year leading up to 1954, when the French-held garrison at Dien Bien Phu fell after a four-month battle, leading to the end of the first Indochina war between French forces and Ho Chi Minh's nationalist rebels. Minh(no relation to Ho) is a young man from Hanoi, an aspiring painter who dreams of experiencing la vie boheme in Paris's Latin Quarter. To dissuade him from pursuing an artistic life, his father sends him into the countryside to tend to the family

  • The Gulf

  • Nothing special. Volume one, Through the Elder Woods

    "Two not-so-human teenagers and a friendly ghost radish face the fantasy adventure of a lifetime."--

  • 49 days

    Day 1. Gotta get up. Gotta keep moving. This map - it says I have to cross over here. Wait, what's that...? And so begins a graphic novel story unlike any other: 49 Days. In Buddhist tradition, a person must travel for forty-nine days after they die, before they can fully cross over. Here in this book, readers travel with one Korean American girl, Kit, on her journey, while also spending time with her family and friends left behind. Agnes Lee has captivated readers across the world for years wit

  • Doctor Who - the ninth doctor. Vol 2, Doctormania

  • Charisma's turn - a graphic novel

    "Follows the dynamic story of Charisma, a Black high school student who is grappling with mounting pressures from home and school. When frustrations with her family intersect with a conflict at school, she reaches a crossroads, facing a choice that couldchange her future"--

  • The Fox Maidens

  • Monstress. Inferno Volume eight, Inferno

    "The truth about the death of Maika's mother has been revealed, and Maika has come undone. As her allies scramble to save her soul, they find themselves in the unlikeliest of places--the beautiful and brutal prison planet where the Monstra have long beenlocked away. This visit to the site of Zinn's worst nightmares might just hold the key to Maika's survival--and to the long-buried origins of the Known World"--

  • The sea in you

    When fifteen-year-old Corinth encounters Skylla, a young mermaid, at the beach, a dangerous bond grows between the two, and a magical bargain may be the only thing that can save them, at a tremendous cost.

  • The girl who sang - a Holocaust memoir of hope and survival

    When the Nazis invade her small Polish town, Enia Feld is separated from her family and forced into hiding and at the mercy of her neighbors, in this gripping graphic memoir of survival and rediscovering your song during the Holocaust.

  • The Baker and the Bard

  • Princeless - Raven - the pirate princess - year three. Book seven, Date night

  • Baltimore. 5, Cult of the Red King

    "Continuing his quest to destroy the Red King, Lord Baltimore heads to the icy Baltic Sea and to northern Russia, but he finds witchcraft in the streets of St. Petersburg and evil in its shadows. With new allies and fearsome new enemies, Baltimore continues his battle to save the world from the Red King. But as his path grows darkers, he may not only lose his way, but those closest to him. Collects Baltimore: The Cult of the Red King #1-#5"--

  • King cheer

    Waitlisted by her dream college and questioning her identity, Leah steps down as cheer captain to focus on her future, but when the competition for captaincy goes awry, power-hungry twins take command of the squad and immediately pit the cheerleaders against the basketball team.

  • Clock striker. I'm Gonna Be a Smith! Volume 1, "I'm gonna be a SMITH!"

    "A young Black girl apprentices to the SMITHS, legendary warrior engineers who once traveled the world making it safer for everyone"--

  • Henchgirl expanded

    "Mary Posa hates her job. She works long hours for little pay, no insurance, and worst of all, no respect. Her co-workers are jerks and her boss doesn't appreciate her. He's also a supervillain. Cursed with a conscience, Mary would give anything to be something other than a Henchgirl. This Second Edition printing offers the humor and henching you love, along with an extra, new Henchgirl story!"--

  • Al Capone

  • Iyanu - child of wonder. Volume three

    "Iyanu makes her way to the Source to save all of Yorubaland from an ancient curse. This time, however, she has help from her new friends: Biyi, a carefree adventurer; Toye, the bookworm; and Ekun, the magical and opinionated giant leopard! Together, allfour--also known as Team Chosen--embark on an epic adventure full of twists, turns, and laughs that will change their lives forever!"--

  • Feeding ghosts - a graphic memoir

    "Tessa Hulls delves into her own family history and the intergenerational trauma caused by mental illness and political strife"--

  • The comic book story of basketball - a fast-break history of hoops

    "A fast-break history of basketball--from its humble beginnings to its all-time great players--featuring engaging true tales from the court and vivid, dynamic illustrations"--

  • Shook! - a Black horror anthology

    "In partnership with Second Sight Publishing, Dark Horse Comics is proud to present, Shook! A Black Horror Anthology. With over 190 pages of terrorizing material, the anthology is filled with stories from a range of award-winning Black writers and artists. Stemming from a love of Southern gothic horror, this anthology boasts a cadre of award winning or nominated writers representing awards such as the Will Eisner Awards, the Ringo Awards, the Hugo Awards, and is the largest collection of Glyph

  • Rainbow! 1 - Original Graphic Novel

  • Ghost roast

    Fifteen-year-old Chelsea, daughter of a paranormal specialist, risks her hard-won popularity and more when she is drawn into a paranormal romance after discovering her own ability to communicate with ghosts.

  • Doctor Who - the ninth doctor. Vol. 2, Doctormania

    "The Ninth Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack continue their trip through the Universe! Someone is impersonating the Doctor-- and has made him into a galactic celebrity! But something far more sinister is going on, as the trio are plunged into yet another shapeshifting civil war ... The Slitheen are back! And just as they think their trip can't get any worse, living gargoyles invade San Francisco and residents begin to fly ..."--Back cover.

  • Us

    "What happens when the life you thought you had does a 180 turn? Everything, and yet...nothing. Us is Sara and Diana's love story, as well as the story of Diana's gender transition. Full of humor, heartache, and the everyday triumphs and struggles of identity, this graphic memoir speaks to changing conceptions of the world as well as the self, at the same time revealing that some things don't really have to change. Written, drawn, and colored by Sara Soler, with English translation by Silvia Per

  • In utero

    "Twelve years after a disastrous explosion, young Hailey is dropped off by her mum at a holiday camp in a dilapidated shopping mall. Alienated from the other kids, she connects with an eerie older teen named Jen...but soon dark horrors awaken, and the twonew friends are caught up in a cataclysmic battle between two terrifying creatures who have been lying dormant all this time"--

  • Disney Masters 22 - Uncle Scrooge- Operation Galleon Grab

  • King cheer / King Cheer

    Waitlisted by her dream college and questioning her identity, Leah steps down as cheer captain to focus on her future, but when the competition for captaincy goes awry, power-hungry twins take command of the squad and immediately pit the cheerleaders against the basketball team.

  • Void Rivals 1 - More Than Meets the Eye

  • Zodiac - a graphic memoir

    "As a child living in exile during the Cultural Revolution, Ai Weiwei often found himself with nothing to read but government-approved comic books. Although they were restricted by the confines of political propaganda, Ai Weiwei was struck by the artists'ability to express their thoughts on art and humanity through graphic storytelling. Now, decades later, Ai Weiwei and Italian comic artist Gianluca Costantini present Zodiac, Ai Weiwei's first graphic memoir"--

  • The witch's throne. Volume 2

    "Agni and her throne-seeker friends finally make it to the Citadel, and prepare to start battling their way through the tournament. Agni has grand visions for how she, Grom, Reksha, and Valdis will become heroes and save the world, but somehow she missedan important detail--these fights are to the death"--

  • Miss Truesdale and the fall of Hyperborea

    "One of the last followers of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, the unassuming Miss Truesdale is the recipient of HBR leader Tefnut Trionus's final vision. From meek secretary in Victorian London to a mighty gladiator in ancient Hyperborea, Truesdale is thrust into the past to fight ancient evils and change the future forever"--

  • Torso - a true crime graphic novel

    "Cleveland. 1935. Eliot Ness, fresh from his legendary Chicago triumph over Al Capone and associates, set his sights on Cleveland. He went on a crusade that matched, and sometimes even surpassed, his past accomplishments. But dismembered body parts started washing up in a concentrated area of Lake Erie Sound. Headless torsos that left no clues to their identity or reason for death. Elliot Ness and his colorful gang of The Unknowns chased this killer through the underbelly of Cleveland for years.

  • Spider-Gwen - Ghost-Spider Modern Era Epic Collection- Weapon of Choice

  • Star Wars Darth Vader 8

  • Through fences

    "Collection of short comics about life near the US-Mexico border. Touches on issues of immigration, detainment, policing, sexuality, racism, and violence"--

  • Jim Henson's Labyrinth - Beyond the Goblin City

  • Sea serpent's heir. Black Wave Book two, Black wave

    "For fans of Nimona and Teen Titans: Raven! The high-fantasy, high-seas adventure continues! Aella sets sail with her mother's pirate crew on a quest for revenge. As more secrets about her origin are revealed, Aella begins to embrace her dangerous and powerful dark side, leading her down a path from which there may be no return"--

  • Fall Through

  • The spirit of Denendeh. Volume 2, As I enfold you in petals

    "Newly sober, Curtis searches for healing in the ancient cultural practices of his Tticho Dene grandfather. But will the Little People answer his call?"--

  • Strange Academy - Year Two

  • Armed with madness - the surreal Leonora Carrington

    "Reluctant muse and feminist champion... society heiress and rebel refugee... the last of the Surrealists: Leonora Carrington played many roles in her long and extraordinary life. Renouncing her privileged upbringing in pre-war England for the more exciting elite of Paris's 1930s avant-garde, she comes to rub shoulders (and more) with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, and Salvador Dalai, after embarking on a complicated love affair with Max Ernst. But the demons that have both haunted and ins

  • The Killer - Affairs of the State

New Manga

  • Magic Knight Rayearth I, book 2

  • A sign of affection. 7

    "Emma ambushed Itsuomi at school and dragged him to the arcade, where he was brutally honest about his lack of romantic interest in her. What Itsuomi didn't realize is that Oushi happened to see them go in together. He also doesn't know that Oushi confronted Yuki, giving her an embrace that spoke louder than his words ever have, and that left Yuki feeling a sinking guilt. This haze of unrequited feelings seems to threaten Yuki and Itsuomi's still-tender bond of trust, until Itsuomi makes an asto

  • Not-sew-wicked stepmom. 3

    "Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a king and queen who absolutely did not get along--or so the people believed! As Foundation Day approaches, pressure mounts on Abigail to show the world that she and Sabrian are a perfectly happycouple. Unfortunately, she's got her work cut out for her--news of how Sabrian slapped her hand away during their dance practice has reached the ears of the other nobles. With the adorable Princess Blanche there to give them a push, will the king

  • Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card 14

  • Blue Lock 12

  • Blame!. Master Edition 2

  • Homunculus. 1-2

    "Nakoshi Susumu, age thirty-four, lives out of his car. Between spending his days with the homeless and his nights in his vehicle, he has little to his name. When a medical student begins to stalk him, offering to pay Nakoshi a significant sum of cash toundergo a strange surgical procedure, Nakoshi initially refuses. But after his beloved car is towed, he finally agrees to take the offer and subjects himself to the operating table. What, if anything, will Nakoshi see differently once he awakens?

  • Blue Lock. 1

    "After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Japan's team struggles to regroup. But what's missing? An absolute ace striker. The Football Union is hell-bent on creating a striker who hungers for goals and thirsts for victory, so Blue Lock--a rigoroustraining ground for 300 of Japan's best and brightest youth players--is created. To survive this battle royale, the last striker standing will have to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in his way!"--

  • Sailor Moon 7

  • Komi can't communicate. Volume 28

    "Now that Komi and Tadano are an official couple, Komi's dad wants another chance to bond with his daughter's boyfriend, this time on a sauna date! It's just as awkward as it sounds, but Tadano manages to make things even more cringe when heat-induced delirium prompts him to ask Komi's dad the worst question in the history of questions--how do you kiss a girl?"--

  • Blue lock. 10

    "The rematch against the Top Three requires all the players to use their 'weapons' to the fullest. Isagi has made it his goal to defeat Rin Itoshi and steal back Bachira, but he once again finds himself outclassed by Rin in every area. Can Isagi find a way to devour Rin? And what does Bachira's 'monster' have to say about all this?"--

  • Blame!. 1

  • Blue lock. 11

    "With seconds left on the clock, Isagi manages to weave a masterful play--until Rin Itoshi and what seems like a stroke of bad luck deal the definitive blow. But what role does luck really play in a soccer match? Ego is eager to impart his wisdom on the advancing players, with the unknowns of the Third Selection looming just ahead..."--

  • Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen 2

  • Mob Psycho 100 13

  • Daemons of the shadow realm. 3

    "Separated from a young age and unaware of the truth of their birth, brother and sister must fight to make their way back to each other...To get some answers, Yuru warily accepts an invitation from the Kagemoris, the very people who assaulted his village.This soon turns into an uneasy alliance when an ambush threatens everyone's safety. But not even that surprise can prepare Yuru for Asa's story! What is the stark secret to claiming the twins' powers? And does Yuru have what it takes to confront

  • To your eternity. 18

    "Tucked away from the public eye, Fushi and Mizuha face off. Meanwhile, Tonari leaps to protect her classmates with the false Fushi in hot pursuit. New and old comrades struggle to join forces, for they know the dangers of being apart. However, the one who ultimately answers Fushi's call may be more than human..."--Provided by publisher.

  • Devil's Candy 3

  • Insomniacs after school. 3

    "Summer is swiftly approaching for sleepless high schoolers Nakami and Magari. Now members of their school's revived astronomy club, they're busy preparing for their first official club event, a meteor shower watch party! The city's annual fireworks festival is also coming up, and Nakami has promised to go with Magari. Every sleepless night brings the two closer, and their first high school summer promises to strengthen their bond even more..."--

  • Embrace your size - my own body positivity

    "A love letter to those who dream of being fashionable but consider their weight as an obstacle, this uplifting comic essay by a plus-sized author chronicles her own journey with body positivity and learning to love herself as she is"--

  • Blue lock. 8

    "The newly formed team of Isagi, Nagi, and Barou head to their next rival battle, where they face Kunigami, Chigiri, and Reo. Isagi knows their victory will depend on the team's ability to form a "chemical reaction" with their play styles. Isagi and Nagihave a fluid synergy, but Barou seems to be chafing against his new teammates... Who will emerge victorious from the battle of egos?!"--

  • One Piece 105

  • Black clover. 34, Watch the night

    "As the Clover Kingdom reacts to the news of Asta's apparent death, the young magicless knight awakens in the mysterious Land of the Sun. Can he survive the hard training there and gain a new power that can challenge Lucius?"--

  • Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen 3

  • Polar Bear Cafe 3

  • One-punch man. 27, Tornado full blast

    An average-looking guy with a not-so-average problem: trying to find an opponent strong enough to take on, Saitama is trapped in the Monster Association's underground labyrinth while Superalloy confronts Garo and experiences fear of his opponent's strength.

  • Soul Eater - The Perfect Edition 13

  • She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat 4

  • Superman vs. Meshi. Vol. 2

    "Clark Kent visits Japan as Superman, traveling the country in pursuit of Meshi! What is Meshi? A new villain? A new ally? None of those! It's all about restaurants and exciting new food as Superman tours culinary delights!​ Follow along as Superman tries out all new restaurants and exciting foods he can find-he may even have a few surprise guests for his trips!"--

  • Cardcaptor Sakura. Clear card

    "Sakura Kinomoto's about to start middle school, and everything's coming up cherry blossoms. Not only has she managed to recapture the scattered Clow Cards and make them her own Sakura Cards, but her sweetheart Syaoran Li has moved from Hong Kong to Tokyoand is going to be attending her school! But her joy is interrupted by a troubling dream in which the cards turn transparent, and when Sakura awakens to discover her dream has become reality, it's clear that her magical adventures are far from o

  • Daemons of the Shadow Realm 04

  • Who Made Me a Princess 5

  • Homunculus 3-4

  • Insomniacs after school. 1

    "Unable to sleep at night, Ganta Nakami is cranky in class and unpopular with his classmates. He discovers that the school observatory, once used by the now-defunct astronomy club, may be the perfect place for a nap--but he's not alone. Fellow insomniac Isaki Magari is willing to share the observatory with Nakami, and a friendship between the two begins as they bond over the most unlikely of things"--

  • Black Clover 35

  • My pancreas broke but my life got better

    "In this new autobiographical manga following My Wandering Warrior Existence, Nagata Kabi has quit drinking in an attempt to get healthier-or she's trying to, anyway. Her former struggles with alcohol led to pancreatitis and a serious hospitalization, andnow she has no choice but to give up drinking. Follow the author as she details the quest to improve her health during a global pandemic"--

  • To your eternity

    After a mysterious orb appears and metamorphoses into a wolf, it joins a lonely boy on his bleak journey to find his tribe, wandering the Arctic regions of North America.

  • Blame! Master Edition 6

  • Magic Knight Rayearth II, book 2

  • The knight blooms behind castle walls. 1

    "Rosa dreams of taking up arms as a courageous knight! To be one, she must first be a squire. Those duties around the castle are much less glorious. One moment she's caring for the horses in the stable. Next she's battling the task of chopping firewood orconquering a mountain of laundry. She must be ever-ready to assist the knight she serves! Her role may seem small and the tasks mundane, but each is an important step to becoming a knight. Rosa will face every challenge with the heart of a hero!

  • The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today 7

  • Berserk 14

  • Moriarty the patriot. 14

    "When the queen herself hires Sherlock Holmes to arrest the Lord of Crime, Sherlock sets out to save William instead. Unfortunately, William fully intends to complete his purification of the British Empire--at the cost of his own life. As the Moriarty Plan inches toward its inevitable conclusion and the Great Detective faces off against the Lord of Crime, both men will reveal the innermost depths of their hearts against a backdrop of London in flames"--

  • The Elusive Samurai 11

  • Magic Knight Rayearth II, book 1

  • Bocchi the Rock! 3

  • Kiss him, not me! 7

    "It's me, Kae! After resolving my differences with Shima-chan, the gang is all together again for a special trip to visit the shrine of a beloved anime character...I mean historical figure! Things get steamy at a hot springs inn - communal baths, pillow fights - seeing these gorgeous guys together is just too much! But it's not all fun and fantasies when Igarashi buckles down to win me over. Are these feelings I get around him something more than friendship? Mutsumi-senpai has also stayed close

  • My sister, the cat. 1

    "In this heartwarming slice-of-life comedy, a young man is adopted into a family of cats who walk, talk, and live like humans! Family life can be full of misunderstandings even when you're all the same species. So just imagine what would happen if your little sister was a cat! Enjoy the charming complications in the lives of Nekota, his adorable sister Neneko, and their parents and friends"--

  • Joker 3 - One Operation Joker

  • The Elusive Samurai 10

New Young Adult Fiction

  • Destroy the day

    "Corrick, Tessa and Harristan battle seemingly insurmountable odds to find their way back to each other and save their kingdom"--

  • Vampire Mountain

    Mr. Crepsley leads Darren Shan on a dangerous trek to Vampire Mountain, the very heart of the vampire world, to be presented to the Council, but an encounter with the Vampanese along the way means trouble.

  • Snowglobe

  • What happened on Hicks Road

    "Lennox Oliver is loving her new life in California. For the first time, she feels normal. She has friends, and a maybe boyfriend and best of all no one knows the truth about her past and what happened to her mom. But everything changes the night after aparty when a drive on the supposedly haunted Hicks Road turns deadly and Lennox hits something...or someone. Her friends say it was nothing, at worst, a deer in the road. But Lennox can't shake the vision of the girl in the headlights: bloody hai

  • If I promise you wings

    Seventeen-year-old Alix balances her fashion internship at Paris's premier feather boutique with her grief and relationships, including an emotional love triangle.

  • The no-girlfriend rule

    When her boyfriend excludes her from participating in a roleplaying game, high school senior Hollie joins an all-girls group where an in-game romance has the potential to be more than just pretend.

  • Wander in the dark

    Two brothers must come together to solve the murder of the most popular girl in school after one of them is caught fleeing the scene of her death.

  • Find him where you left him dead

    Summoned by the ghost of Ian, the friend they left for dead, Owen, Madeline, Emerson and Dax must restart the deadly game they never finished in order to bring Ian home, entering into a hell-scape of Japanese underworlds where they must make the ultimatesacrifice.

  • Hatchet girls

    In Fall River, Massachusetts, home to New England's infamous Bridgewater Triangle, Tessa must prove her brother innocent of murdering his girlfriend's parents with an axe, a mystery that proves all too close to the Lizzie Borden murders one hundred yearsearlier.

  • Her dark wings

    "The great love of Corey's life has always been her best friend, Bree: closer than sisters, their bond is unbreakable. Or so Corey thought, until Bree betrays her in the worst way possible. When Bree's sudden death rocks their small island community, Corey is heartbroken and furious. How can she mourn her one-time friend when she is still so angry at her? But though Bree has passed on, her spirit remains--and her and Corey's tale isn't finished yet. Soon, Corey finds herself called to the Underw

  • The Hedgewitch of Foxhall

  • Hamlet Is Not Ok

  • The atlas of us

    "Atlas has lost her way. In a last-ditch effort to pull her life together, she's working on a community service program rehabbing trails in the Western Sierras. The only plus is that the days are so exhausting that Atlas might just be tired enough to forget that this was one of her dad's favorite places in the world. Before cancer stole him from her life, that is. Using real names is forbidden on the trail. So Atlas becomes Maps, and with her team-Books, Sugar, Junior, and King-she heads into th

  • A reckless oath

    "Calla and friends must deal with their losses and come to grips with their own part to play in the Fates' War ahead"--

  • The diablo's curse

    Dami, a nonbinary former demonio, must cancel every deal they have ever made in order to tether their soul to earth and remain human, but first they must help a boy named Silas find Captain Kidd's treasure and break a family curse.

  • The Epidemic

  • So let them burn

    After her sister Elara forms an unbreakable bond with an enemy dragon, seventeen-year-old Faron, who once wielded the magic of the gods to save her island from those same dragon-riding colonizers, must find a way to save her sister and the fate of their world in the face of impossible odds.

  • Love Letters for Joy

    Less than a year away from graduation, seventeen-year-old Joy is too busy overachieving to be worried about relationships. She's determined to be Caldwell Prep's first disabled valedictorian. And she only has one person to beat, her academic rival Nathaniel. But it's senior year and everyone seems to be obsessed with pairing up. One of her best friends may be developing feelings for her and the other uses Caldwell's anonymous love-letter writer to snag the girl of her dreams. Joy starts to wonde

  • Carry my secret to your grave

    "While staying with her uncle in Lake Paloma, Bea Fletcher soon discovers the town has mysteries of its own, including the unsolved drowning of a teenage girl - a case that leads her closer to home than she ever imagined"--Provided by publisher.

  • Destroy the Day

  • All This Twisted Glory

  • Midnight at the Houdini

    Anna enters a surreal hotel where no one ever leaves, and when the clock strikes midnight, she will be trapped there forever, unless she decides to break all her rules to break free from its magic.

  • Only she came back

    When true-crime fanatic Sam discovers her former classmate is the prime suspect in a potential murder case, their newfound friendship reveals there is more to the case than anyone knows.

  • Hope Against Hope

  • The half-life of love

    Flint Larson has known when he was going to die since he was eight because of the Half-Life Institute, and he is spending the last forty-one days quietly with his divorced parents; September is a vibrant aspiring scientist who wants to cure "half-life", especially since she has met Flint--but their time together is getting short.

  • Somewhere in the deep

    Seventeen-year-old Kress makes ends meet by fighting monsters, but her debts keep piling up until she is finally forced to make a deal and join a desperate rescue mission.

  • Four letter word

    Izzy and her family welcome foreign exchange student Alberto into their home, but after a series of mishaps and coincidences, and with a serial killer on the loose, Izzy begins to suspect Alberto is not who he seems.

  • Red

    When Tess's decision to get an abortion goes public, she is rejected and harassed by people in her community, but she soon finds solace in her music and uses her voice to end the cycle of abuse in her small town.

  • Diary of a confused feminist

    British teen Kat Evens, determined to be a good feminist, stumbles through high school with all its bullies, parties, embarrassing moments and crippling self-doubt with the help of her best friends, her parents and her diary as she figures out how to reach her goal.

  • Make me a liar

    "It's an open secret at Harvey Davis High School that Tia Dante can solve all your problems (for a fee, of course). As one of the few blessed with the genetic gift of transferable consciousness, she can slip inside your mind and do your dirty work--humiliate your cheating boyfriend, bring a bully to his knees, tell your boss where to stick it--and then return your body with no one the wiser. No task is too awkward, and unlike the competition, she takes care of business without peeking at your go

  • The poison season

    Betraying her family, her best friend, and her whole community by saving a young outsider from drowning in the poisonous lake that protects her island home, Leelo nurses Jaren back to health, understanding that discovery could lead to unthinkable consequences for both of them.

  • We Got the Beat

  • Beasts of War

  • The prisoner's throne - a novel of Elfhame

    "Prince Oak must find a way to stop a war between Elfhame and North"--

  • The Summer Queen

    Aziza, Leo, and Tristan struggle to rebuild their lives amidst painful secrets, emotional and physical scars, and lingering mysteries, all while dealing with the arrival of the Summer Court, a group of Fair Folk who seek to reclaim something Leo is unwilling to part with, leading to a risky deal and a perilous journey, where winning against the Fair Folk comes at a cost.

  • Shannon in the spotlight

    After Shannon accidentally lands a lead role in the summer musical, she realizes she has bigger things to worry about than stage fright in this contemporary middle-school novel about strained friendships, the positive power of theater, and the realities of being a tween with OCD. Shannon Carter never considered herself much of a theater person. Not like her two BFFs, Elise, an actress, and Fatima, a techie. Shannon's always been content to stay backstage, helping wherever she can. But when the d

  • 10 hours to go

    Desperate for a ride home, Lily embarks on a tense road trip with her estranged ex-best friend Natasha and Elke, a girl Lily got expelled from their school years ago, and as tensions rise, past grievances and surrounding wildfires make the journey increasingly perilous.

  • The misdirection of fault lines

    Three Asian American teen girls look for direction in their lives as they compete against each other at an elite tennis tournament.

  • Ellie Haycock is totally normal

    Ellie, a high schooler with a rare genetic condition, navigates the divide between her "hospital-life" and "home-life," as a hospital stay brings her closer to Ryan, who challenges her perspective and makes her consider the extraordinary possibilities ofher life.

  • Storm of Olympus

    Still grappling with the memories of the Trojan war, Daphne finds herself drawn into another perilous journey as she confronts the phrocephy predicting her role in the ruin of Olympus and Sparta.

  • The lake of souls - the saga of Darren Smith

  • Chasing Pacquiao

    When Bobby is unwillingly outed he turns to boxing, finding a hero in Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, but when Pacquiao publicly denounces homosexuality, Bobby must discover a hero within himself.

  • The last bloodcarver

    Nhika, a young woman hiding in the fringes of society, must use her forbidden healing ability to cure the only witness to a murder.

  • Teen killers at large - a novel

    "With authorities revisiting her conviction for the brutal murder of her best friend, Signal Deere awaits her fate with the Class A killers she calls her closest friends. When the footage that proves her innocence is wiped, it's clear someone she trusts is sabotaging her case--and Signal is headed back to jail if she can't figure out who. Signal desperately needs help from someone as obsessed with the truth as he is with her: Erik. But after the Bonnie-and-Clyde act that made them a viral sensat

  • The Complication

  • Just another epic love poem / Nothing Ruins a Friendship Like Falling in Love

    "Two best friends, bonded by their shared love of poetry, uncover all the different meanings if "I love you" once they begin dating their senior year of high school"--

  • Yours from the tower

    "In 1896, three best friends--Tirzah, Sophia and Polly--who are leading very different lives after boarding school share their dreams, hopes, frustrations and romances through a series of letters as they search for happiness and love near the dawn of theEdwardian era"--

  • The getaway list - a novel

    High school graduate Riley sets of to New York to find Tom, her childhood best friend and co-creator of the Getaway List of adventures they wanted to do together.

  • No boy summer - a novel

    After a year marred by bad relationships, sisters Lydia and Penny decide to spend a boy-free summer with their Aunt in Los Angeles, but Lydia might need to bend the rules when she starts falling for Fran, the first girl who reciprocates Lydia's feelings.

  • School statue showdown

    "When an Indigenous group demands the local schools name be changed, rifts are formed within the community and the legacies of who we honour from history are challenged. This mystery/adventure set in a small BC lumber town is a fictional account of an event that is similar to many across the country - a sudden conflict over a school name and the historic figure it recognizes."--